They’re coming (again) – Sun Exposure “pun intended”

I wrote a previous theory that led me to this idea called Simple as “Black & White”

Which in a long drawn out text explains how the issues between Jacob and FLocke may not be good vs evil but just the opinion of polar opposites (we have talked a lot about magnets!)

I believe Jacob touched them all (the O6) so that this time (everything keeps happening over and over and he tries to change it “making progress” – read the first theory) everything could play out different. His touch caused a connection between Jack, Hurley, Sayid, Kate, Gin, Sawyer, even Locke and Sun (who are already in the present)probably to transport them all to the present at the moment he said ‘they’re coming’ so that they can stop FLocke.

The problem is that in my original theory I noticed that FLocke gave the original order to bring everyone back, so how much of a threat to him could they be.

UNLESS – he does not know about Jacob’s personal visits!!! Which can be like having received the touch of an angel, maybe they are permeable to his black smoke attacks!

Maybe he is so nice to Sun because he knows of her threat level to him. Locke is dead so… not concerned.

Either way – when THEY do come, he is going to pretend to be Locke and Sun is going to expose him (no one is going to believe Richard or the others over a living breathing walking Locke, and he owns Ben so he is not talking) Sun is the key!

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3 thoughts on “They’re coming (again) – Sun Exposure “pun intended”

  1. I’ve also that perception of Locke being so nice to Sun and so reassurig just in order to deceive her. He promised her that after his visit to Jacob he would help her to find Jin. In reality that was just a way to take time and gain Sun’s trust in order to fullfill his only purpose to kill Jacob. Actually he could’t care less on wasting his time looking for Jin. Then it’s true that Flocke was the one to take all back to the island but he must have known that they would have gone back to 1977 so they could’t interfere in his plan. So I do agree with you. Sun is the key and the one who can play an interesting part in framing Flocke with the ones who are coming!

  2. FLocke may be good to people, or he just wants to lead them.

    He got up infront of the crowd and said, “I want you all to be there when I meet Jacob”

    At this point we do not know if he acknowledges them to decieve or because he really does care.

    It would be just like LOST for Jacob to have been the bad one all along. FLocke was the one who was stuck in the cabin asking for help and FLocke has not hurt anyone except for the mention of Ilana’s crew (Jacob’s people)

    He even scolded Ben for killing Ceasar (haha who else remembers that amazing scene, I hated that guy) Ben was like “He was going to shoot you John, shoot you with the same gun that shot him”

    Who knows – if Jacob lives under the statue, maybe “The one who will save us all” live in THE SHADOW of it, and Jacob has been the deceiver!

  3. All this talk just got me to thinking. We all assume Locke is a fake, what if he’s not? What if it’s really locke. Ok to elaborate, Locke is going through time and turns the wheel and ends up in tunisa right? How do we know the locke thats alive isn’t just from another time line? An alternate universe. I can’t put my finger on when or how this would of happened. I’m not a genius.

    Lets just throw something out there though. Lock turns the wheel, instantly splitting him into two universes. The one lands in tunisa in the future, with ben and all of what we saw. The other lands in a totally different time, where jacob meets him and is in awe of what he has done. Appear out of nowhere. Wanting to know how seeing as he can only do so much and wants more power(controlling time and circumstances) he gives him eternal life(like richard). Locke takes him to the island somehow and they wind up in the past where their feud begins? MIB is in reality locke. Locke has just figured out how to control such things as the smoke monster to change shape and other sorts?

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