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Ok stick with me my mind is finally constructing a theory that works and explains almost all of this Show from episode 1 season 1 till now. Lets start with the conversation between Jacob and as you all call him MIB. MIB’s name more than likely doesn’t matter anyways for the story line to work. Ok the conversation and I qoute
MIB: good morning,
JACOB: good morning,
MIB: mind if I join you?
JACOB: please want some fish
MIB: no thank you i just ate
JACOB: i take it your here because of the ship
MIB: i am how did they find the island
JACOB: youll have to ask them when they get here
MIB: i dont have to ask you brought them here still trying to prove me wrong aren’t you
JACOB: you are wrong
MIB: am i? they come they fight they destroy they corrupt always ends the same
JACOB: it only ends once anything that happens before that is just progress
MIB: you have any idea how badily i want to kill you
JACOB: yes
MIB: one of these days sooner or later im going to find a loophole
JACOB: when you do Ill be right here
MIB: always nice talking to you jacob
JACOB: nice talking to you too.

jacob comments on the rug he made he says “takes a really long time when your making the thread guess thats the point
mib says you have no idea what ive gone through to be here.
ben asks have you met before
mib says in a matter of speaking.
jacob tells ben you have a choice you can leave and let us discuss our issues
ben long conversation then asks what about me
jacob coldly says what about you

ok to the theory since we have the actual conversation now


What if Jacob and the MIB his name not of real importance the biblical reference is only used to set a time reference of their age what if they are in an endless struggle or battle of time. key references to the concept the conversation on the beach about the ship brought by Jacob when MIB says still trying to prove me wrong and Jacob says you are wrong.
mib following that with it always ends the same and jacob saying it only ends once before that progress.
What if they situation is that Jacob has been trying to prove the MIB wrong since biblical times and they are stuck in an endless loop. Everything keeps happening over and over again. Explains why MIB would want to kill him. But then he finds the loophole and kills him and then says their coming meaning the ones in the past that can cause the loop to start all over again. Or something along those lines. The battle is between Jacob and MIB and the struggle has to do with the endless time loop the two of them are stuck in while Jacob trys to prove him wrong the consequences of mib be proven wrong?? Not sure but obviously it’s worth it to him not to be. A few key notes here the final conversation between ben mib and jacob jacob says he made the rug by hand and that it takes along TIME to make the threads by hand. then “GUESS THATS THE POINT”
TIME being the emphasis.
If the two of them are struggling through a time loop perhaps Jacob is the one thats causing it not the MIB perhaps he wants it to end.
Now Jacob gave Ben a choice leave and let us talk about our issues or as ben did kill him. And as
if he already knew the outcome like he’d lived it before perhaps he stood there and let ben ramble then ask the question “What about me?” and with a cold sad tone said ” What about you?” Perhaps Ben was one of the key people that could have proven Jacob right and once again through the loop he chose to kill Jacob instead of leaving. There seems to be rules set MIB can’t kill Jacob just like Ben couldn’t kill Witmore. Perhaps there is a connection after all something to do with the fact time travel effects there paths and killing one another would substantally alter the course. Was Ben and Witmore really Ben and Witmore in the hotel room? or perhaps Jacob and MIB instead. Was Ben the one having Sayid kill all of Witmores people or was that the MIB? perhaps theres something more to it. Either way could you see the ending. Everything plays out like it always had and what was said was What happened happened so the ending of our long drawn out story might be Jack waking up in a forested area making his way to a beach and seeing the greatest camera shot of the whole show all over again. The plane crash on the beach. DEJAVU
and the story starts all over again. A never ending story of such until maybe Jacobs “Progress” Shows him how to prove the MIB wrong in the meantime who the MIB is really doesn’t matter. The statue and the name Jacob more than likely just refers us to a time line. The never ending time line.

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5 thoughts on “Whats Happens Happens

  1. I am starting to think that “Jack waking up in the jungle and running over to the crash site” is how season 6 will begin.

    This being the case, everything will happen just as it did before, but now MIB, with Locke’s memories, will be running the island!

    Everything will be backwards with others and such, Richard could be the island outlaw – could be interesting.

  2. many theories posted on here, including mine, tackle the time loop scenario.

    i feel something will change because if it doesn’t and the time loop repeats at the end of season 6, it will be the biggest cop-out in the history of cop-outs on the writers part. i cannot see this happening though because it would be a completely meaningless ending/outcome.

    i believe at some point in S6, we will see events repeat but i don’t believe the ending will be the plane crash.

  3. well you have to consider the directors and writers out look on this from day one they said they had an ending and it would never change lets say that’s true they will stick with whatever the ending they had in mind was from the beginning you say a cop out I could see that but you have to consider they dont care if they dissapoint fans look how many fans they have lost over a 5 year time frame. heck i didn’t watch season 3-5 till just recently. they don’t care how it ends they don’t care about viewers either they want to leave you asking why at the end name one good ending that would leave you asking why? the time loop theory is the best option but a dram a vr machine stuff like that gives you the same results doesnt mean they dont explain in deatail every aspect of the show just that they leave you high and dry like they have done every episode for 5 years already.

  4. i just watched the episode when ben and whitmore had that conversation. before i read this i told my girl i think that was jacob and mib…wow i think u are onto something

  5. a lot of people think the crew of lost care if its a cop out I for one wouldn’t put it past them what else could they mean by saying everybody will be asking why at the end of the last episode. They admit that they are going to leave everybody in a mode of disappointment I don’t know maybe I’m not giving them enough credit but I haven’t been impressed by endings of other shows I watch such as enterprise and such so well see what happens but it just makes to much sense that they would leave you high and dry. That’s my opinion anyways.

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