why was hurley different

Why was Hurley visited by Jacob after he was released from jail after he had already returned from the island the first time. Thats when Jacob convinced Hurley to go back. Where as Jacob met all the other passengers of the flight before they left the first time. I need to watch that part again too did Jacob go and meet with all the passengers that ended up on the island? ECKO? wasn’t shown but that was explained he didn’t want to come back to the show. But anyways why was Hurley visited after he returned from the island rather than before and why was hurley the only one he gave anything to.

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  1. As you may recall, Jacob only visited the people who were shown in the season five finale. Since Ecko was not a main character in the last few seasons, Jacob did not need to visit him. You may know this, but Jacob also visited Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Sayid etc. So, no, Hurley is not important in that way.

  2. It might be significant for Hurley and Sayid that they were both visited after they had been on the island and left while all of the others were visited before flight 815.

  3. thank you highbrow at least you understood my question. I understand that ecko was removed from the show but that doesn’t explain why sayid and hurley were talked to after they had come back from the island unlike the others who were before the original plane crash

  4. Let’s analyze the reasons that brought the O5 on the Ajira flight. Sun wanted to find her husband, Kate realized that Aaron didn’t belong to her (she had somehow stolen him),Jack finally took his leap of faith and he began to believe strongly that he was meant to be on the island again to accomplish his destiny, Saijd didn’t want to go back but he was forced by Ilana (she doesn’t know Ben), Hurley is the one and only who was convinced by Jacob in person to go back to the island. HE reassured him that he was not coursed but that he was somehow blessed. Probably this is something that makes Hurley special in his own way.
    The different timing for Jacob to visit everyone off the O5 it’s still difficult for me to find out.

  5. Jschorrii, I’m with Sawyerlover here. I just read this twice and I’m still not sure why you mentioned Eko at all in this post. We readers aren’t going to be able to exactly understand anyone’s theories, that’s why some of the best theories out there give a very firm and detailed description of the point they are trying to make. I’m not good at it, that’s why I don’t write detailed theories. I highly doubt Sawyerlover was giving any attitude, they probably didn’t understand the context you were going for, because I didn’t either, and I’m not giving any attitude either, I’m just trying to make a point. Just like you try to make points with your theories. It’s all about how you can persuade others into what you’re getting at. Like I said, I’m terrible at it. My theories are few and far between, and they generally involve a single paragraph. I know some people on here have been doing this from episode one and have a very vast knowledge of this show, and then there’s me. I’ve seen every episode at least once, but I know better than to waste my time writing something that’s been debunked a trillion or so times. You’re theories are thought provoking and generally quite interesting. If you don’t want people like me and Sawyerlover to critique your theories though, add some commas

  6. I think Jacob didn’t need to convince Sayid because Llana was already taking him back.

    They were also all going back for a reason > except Hurley.
    Jack realised his destiny
    Kate to find Claire
    Sayid to kill Ben
    Sun to find Jin
    Hurley…….perhaps to speak to the dead Losties…? We dont know why Hurley is coming back except that Jacob has spoken to him.

  7. I would say it wasn’t until after Hurley and Sayid left the Island that their importance became known to Jacob. Obviously Jacob has had a plan in place for quite some time and those two are needed to fulfil it. Sayids’ role may have been to alter the bomb and now is at an end. Hurley’s part has yet to be played out.

    When the 06 were back in the regular world for awhile Hurley did want to go back as he told Jack ” We never should have left”.

  8. We know the reasons why they came to the island that’s not my point my point is sayid and hurley were visited after they returned why not before they went? What I’m trying to get at isn’t an explanation to why but rather to help me with my theory of them all being chosen by Jacob see if Jacob originally only chose the what 5 people not sure how many but the point is he would have later chosen sayid and Hurley why the difference to chose them after they return that has to be important rather Jacob thought that Hurley and Sayid couldn’t help him in his quest to prove the MIB wrong or Later down the line he found good in them and they would be able to help in the end. I only asked the question to get opinions of the reason why not explanations of they weren’t different from the rest. Some how they had to be different. Oh and Sawyerlover my apoligizes my writing sucks so I’m told so it is possible to miss interupt what I was asking sorry for the attitude

  9. Perhaps Sayid and Hurley were destined for the island the first time round without any help from Jacob.

    Maybe Jacob touched Kate, Sawyer, Jack and Locke because they needed a little nudge in the right direction?

    Now that they’re off island Sayid and Hurley were probably the ones who needed a nudge this time round.

  10. I think Emzi has a good explanation for this. As I was reading through all this I recalled the scene in season 3 when Kate, Sawyer, and Jack were being held prisoner by the Others. Tom Friendly made the remark that Jack was not on Jacob’s list. does anyone think that has a bearing on this?

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