A little help please?

Hey guys, it’s been a few months since I’ve been thinking much about Lost or been on this sight, so I have a few questions. I was wondering who exactly Nemises is, as they are referenced a few times here. I was also wondering what the general thought on Flashforward is.

And I love the updates to the site btw! 🙂 Nice job.

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4 thoughts on “A little help please?

  1. Hey Dharma Dancer, some people are using nemisis to describe the guy in black or MIB who Jacob was talking to on the beach. Personally, I’m waiting to finish watching Lost before starting Flashforward.

  2. It is pretty weird, actually, how the obsessed Lost fan community has converged on encoded names like Nemesis. Nemesis, MIB (Man in Black) are the same person. Flocke and Un-Locke mean the entity that took on Locke’s persona. Team Ilana, Team Jacob, etc. All totally unofficial. 🙂

    I don’t know if there’s a consensus on FlashForward, other than I noone seems to think it’s captured “lightning in a bottle” like Lost has. Personally, I’ve watched it, but the dialogue has been pretty awful at times. Particularly interpersonal conflicts, which usually consist of one person being irrationally hard-headed (in a way that doesn’t seem plausible).

    Plus, there’s this:
    “Boss, I have a hunch we need to fly to to investigate.”
    “That’s ridiculous, I’m not sending you to (even though your previous hunches have always been correct). Get back to your desk.”
    “We’re going anyway.”

    This is _so_ cliched! The break-the-rules detective with a hard-headed boss who’s always just barely tolerating him.

  3. Oh, okay… that explains alot. I kinda figured it was something like that but figured I should make sure before I started babbling about something that made no sense lol 🙂 Thanks.

    Yeah, I had the same feeling about Flashforward. I was ready to find a show that could replace Lost when it was done (not that any show can really do that) but Flashforward didn’t really grab me. *shrug* I guess I’ll find something…

  4. Flashforward is not going to replace LOST. I’ve got one name for you: Brannon Braga. If you don’t know who that is, he’s the guy that started writing and producing on Star Trek TNG in it’s fourth season… you know… when it became hopelessly family oriented and full of horribly cliche and goofy plot devices and sit-com crap. His credits also include Star Trek Voyager (which had some of the most annoying characters in all of sci-fi as well as one of the most boring stories) and Star Trek Enterprise (which I couldn’t even get past the 4th episode being an amalgam of everything entirely wrong with every previous ST show and beyond stupid with its anachronisms).

    The first 5 or 6 episodes of Flash Forward have a momentum to them, especially if you don’t know much about the show and it’s all “new” to you. I also give it kudos for having actors from several great shows… it’s always interesting to see who is going to show up. (“V” has the same kind of appeal in terms of actors but I can’t even say it’s worth watching so far). It also has a really great soundtrack.

    Once the initial novelty wears off though, there is some seriously hokey stuff. It’s already falling into some bad writing traps like “cute kids automatically make unlikable characters more likable” and “we really don’t know anything about conditions like alcoholism or post traumatic stress or autism but we are going to make sure they are important to the plot and show up in every episode” and “beat the audience to death with uncomfortable accidental supposedly humorous ‘run-ins’ between characters to artificially generate tension that otherwise would never exist” and “even though something really terrible has happened, everybody just reverts back to their normal lives and only a handful of ‘weird’ people let it really bother them.” It has also fallen in to the TV trap of “character specific episodes about characters you really don’t care about, who apparently have nothing to do with the internal plot, but the writers think you should love them… and the make sure all the other characters love them too” … how many shows have been ruined or nearly ruined by THAT one? Or “surprise discovery made by the one person in the entire universe who would even know about it who just happens to show up right when he’s needed.” It’s crap like that, completely unrealistic, one chance in 10 zillion guesses or events, (I call them Dan Brownian events) that really turn me off to mainstreamed science fiction. It’s so much easier for a non-sciency audience to accept (and SO much easier to write) things that happen by chance than for them to make sense in a rational and logical way.

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