who is ‘you’?

i wrote something similar back in June, but unfortunately it is lost due to the site crashing.

its become a bit of an obsession of mine and the more i rewatch eposodes, the more convinced i become that there is a person called ‘you’

let me try to expain……..

think of ‘you’ as a person.  Yuu is a japanese name, so think of Yuu as a caracter that we havent met yet in the show, but has been referred to many times and his actions are very important to what has/is happenning. 

i started thinking along these lines after ben said to jacob ‘what about me’? jacob replied ‘what about you’  what if he said  ‘what about Yuu’?

here are some more examples…….

MIB to jacob.    ‘do you have any idea how badly i want to kill Yuu?’  it would explain why after telling jacob that one day he would find a loophole, jacob replied ‘when you do i will be right here’  why would he say that, surely he would be as far away as possible! also he called him ‘my friend’  i dont think they are enimies at all.

sayid to ben .      ‘they wanted to know who i worked for’    ben replied,    ‘of course they did’       sayid says, ‘they wanted to know about Yuu!’                 i think sayid was working for this person ‘Yuu’, not ben, although ben probably works for Yuu also.

some other quotes to think about…..

‘this happened because Yuu left, jack’     ‘Yuu had a daughter….. Yuu left the island’   ‘i didnt kill your daughter, Yuu did’

also episode titles ‘because Yuu left’  and  ‘hes our Yuu’  (could this mean that Oldham from the 70s D.I. is the equivalent to ‘others’ Yuu?)

please comment, my family think ive gone completely mad! and is to obbsessed with lost. could i be onto something? or are they right.

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9 thoughts on “who is ‘you’?

  1. This put a big smile on my face. While I don’t think it’s true, it’s fun to think of the ambiguity. Two reasons I doubt this:

    1) If it was on Ben, Jacob, or MIB (all pretty secretive and not yet fully revealed) then maybe. But hard to imagine Kate, Jack, Sayid, etc, all have met a person whom the show has completely hidden from us.

    2) It would be a cheap trick by the writers. The plot twists and tricks thus far have all been pretty clever. One based on homonyms is just not up to par with the writing on this show. Abbott and Costello, maybe, but not Lost. 🙂

  2. While we are at it… how about Charlie’s message he asked Hurley to relay to Jack… “You’re not supposed to raise him”

    Not the “You’re” part but the “raise” part. We all assume he is talking about Aaron… what if they are talking about Locke?

    I don’t know, alot of the word play is ambiguous, and some may be valid and others may just be writing ploys to advert our attention. The creators of this series have obviously thought long and hard about all the possiblities and have had ample time (5 Season’s worth with many extra tid bits) to send us all in many different directions – all having valid possible paths to the final conclusion.

    I know I’m stating the obvious here, but this just goes to show how awesome this show is and how much time and effort has been put into making (in my view) one of the best TV shows I have seen in my lifetime.

    I know my comment has nothing to do with solving any theories here, but if anything the creators have restored my faith in the capabilities that people have to actually make a quality product on TV, in this seemingly dumbed down society with asinine, thoughtless, “look at me”, narcissistic type so-called Reality shows, etc.

    I don’t watch TV that much (with the exception being LOST), and I don’t think much of some of the messages that shows present to the general public. A lot of it is contribed BS and most of the content is in regards to ratings and monetary end, which diluttes the quality and effort.

    I’d like to believe that by the end of this show the writer’s will reward us with our loyalty and patience, not only give us an ending to think about in line with the show but I hope they step it up a notch and leave us with a message that we could take with us in our life travels.

    After all, isn’t that what a well written novel usually does for the reader.

  3. Ardent, I liked your comment because it reminded me that these writers think about the Lost universe for at least 8 hours a day — it is their job! How’d you like to be paid to do that?

    At some point, I am sure almost everything any fan has ever come up with was discussed in a group writing session. Probably even the ambiguity of ‘you’. 🙂

  4. ardent, funny you should say that about ‘you’re not supposed to raise him.’ i thought exactly the same thing! i also thought that when jack shouts at ben ‘what do you want from me’ and ben replies ‘patience jack ,patience’ ben was actually saying ‘patients jack, patients'(well he is a doctor!)
    i know im probably reading into something thats not there. i blame it on being a lefty (left handed) and lateral thinking.

  5. teenbee – yeah, I think we all could get a bit crazy analyzing all the possibilties of word play in Lost…

    However, I do know one thing though – I just rewatched the 1st 6 episodes of Lost this past (long) weekend, and I gotta say that now viewing them in hindsight (with all the knowledge of the following Season’s in mind, and all the analytical data and talk on these sites), I’d have to say that each episode was packed with many, many curious scene’s and possible foreshadowing sequences where the interactions of characters, statements made and/or just merely the facial or body expressions of characters could be put into questioned in regards the actual reality and truth of their situation.

    Here’s a few random scenes…

    Locke just happens to be in the right place at the right time in order to pull a dangling Jack from falling off the cliff – their conversation afterwards is intersting as well…

    While Kate is taking sneakers off a dead body, she turns to Locke with the orange peal in his mouth (a-la-Don Corleone) and they exchange peculiar gazes…

    As a group of them are going off to get a better radio signal the camera pans back to Vincent watching them all from the brush (he still hasn’t been found by Locke yet)… why show that?

    Speaking of Locke and Vincent, is it just me or does anyone think that the whistle that Locke made and he uses to call Vincent, sounds like the exact same whistle sound from “Batteries not Included” – An ode to an alien presence? Probably just a little bit to much looking into it…

    As soon as the Pilot episode, Jack seems to immediately save lives and of a few main characters – Rose (mouth to mouth…), Hurely & Claire (the remnents of the Plane were about to fall on them) – later, Boone in the water…

    Anyway, I gotta get back to work – their was so many things I saw by watching these episodes with the hindsight knowledge that I actually became more confused then before… the possibilities are innumerable… I do enjoy reading, discussing and trying to figure out the show on this site, but I truly am looking forward to just sitting back for the ride, enjoying the show in Feb. 2010.

    Oh one last thing… I will say that even though when we find out in the “Walkabout” that Locke is crippled, and now he’s not on the Island – we could easily chaulk up his odd behavior to this miracle (he actually uses that word to describe the Island in his conversation with Jack), but it almost seems that he’s become in tune with the Island in the beginning… I believe that his secret to Walt during the backgammon game is not the fact that he was paralized, but rather some much bigger and darker.

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