Imagine the possibilities of ‘What if…”

So, with all the talk of alt timelines and two realities possibly playing out next season, it started me thinking about all the possible consequences of the bomb exploding, if what we’ve seen doesn’t have to be the only reality. If we’ve seen Dharmaville in 2007 looking like they just left it and heard the numbers over Ajira’s radio — what may have happened in a new 1977-2007? I’d love to hear all the cool, crazy and OMG possiblities. For eg, if Dharma left because of radiation from the bomb, did Ben ever become the leader of the others — the implications of that are huge.
I don’t mean to argue whether or not there may be an alt timeline, but just say there is — what could have happened?

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3 thoughts on “Imagine the possibilities of ‘What if…”

  1. All right Tas, here’s a good ‘what if.’ What if Ben’s mother didn’t die after giving birth to him? Or more precisely, what if she had a normal pregnancy and delivered Ben in a hospital. First, they would never have met Horace and subsequently not be recruited into the DHARMA Initiative. Also, Ben may have grown up and actually have a moral compass. Although it’s just as likely that even with his mother still alive, Roger would have abused both of them and Ben would still become a master manipulator. But instead of leading the Others he could become a politician. Lord help us all if that ever happened.

    As for the Others, without Ben there to become their leader I think that they would have retained their effectiveness. In everything we’ve seen of the Others, pre-Ben they are a pretty ruthless, trigger happy bunch. They tend to shoot first and never entertain the thought of even asking questions later. With Ben as their leader they seem to be weekend militia wannabees.

    This was a fun excercise and if I come up with anymore I’ll get back to you.

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