Ben, alternate time lines and bodies

2 questions …

Where’s Ben’s Mom’s body? I ask ‘cuz she’s the one on the island we see who we don’t know she died there … and Horace and Olivia are weirdly was around when she died … aboslutely unnecessary to the plot as we know it – so much so it stuck out as weird that Horace would still have ties to the family.

Could Ben have an alternative timeline starting at the temple? I certainly isn’t the same as that wimpy kid beforehand (though he did let Sayid go).

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3 thoughts on “Ben, alternate time lines and bodies

  1. i have always wondered what happened to Ben’s mums body.

    the fact that Ben as a child saw her on the island must mean that her body was brought to the island at some point. I hope that we see this event in S6.

  2. I asked ‘cuz if Horace/Olivia had something to do with the body movement it could imply this was part of a ‘master plan’. Horace brings the family to ‘the island’, Olivia is Ben (and Annie’s) teacher …

    Could this have been part of MIB/Jacob’s plan? Could they be involved with her death?

    This event is pivitol in the Lost story …

  3. Are you sure? I think it’s more likely that something on the island read his mind and projected her. Remember the Smokey-cave and the storm of memories? Also remember apparitions of Walt when he wasn’t even on the island? I’m sure there are others I can’t remember.

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