If locke and christian were both impersonated by smokie after their deaths…

Why was locke’s body still in the casket while fake locke was walking around, but christian’s body had disappeared from inside the casket when fake christian was walking around? It was a really big deal when jack opened the casket and saw that his father’s body was missing, and we know it was very significant when locke’s dead body was revealed in the casket… so why the difference? Smokie obviously doesn’t need the body, or locke’s body would have been gone. So if he doesn’t need the body, why did he take christian’s? It might not mean anything, i’m just curious.

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6 thoughts on “If locke and christian were both impersonated by smokie after their deaths…

  1. Maybe someone had the job of ‘getting rid of the bodies’ because both cannot be together or it ‘breaks the spell’ … wasn’t there something similar w/Niles and whether something would happen ‘cuz he saw both his sleves.

    Illana is clearly on a quest as she marches the body from ‘Jacob’s’ cabin (where she thought MIB was … and he would have been ‘cept oh powerful ring-of-dust* was broken.

    About the body – since SHE had the original Locked-box, the bodies DO reach the island and are not directly necessary for the transformation/Flocking.

    BUT … *maybe the impenatrable ring-of-dust is made of the body’s ashes and somehow makes that person trapped ‘within himself’. If so, it would probably be Locke who broke the cabin’s ring and how he helped the Hyporcrite (e.g. fake Christian) within. (i.e. Locke took the Hypocritic Oath in the cabin).

  2. well about yemi…the body is seen at first, and then when eko goes back, his brother’s body is gone… (then eko sees his dead brother)

    i see two possibilities.

    1) richard and the others get rid of the bodies (like they were concerned with during dharma time).

    2) MIB/nemesis inhabits the dead body which is why you don’t find the bodies later on. The reason that locke’s body is seen is because turning the frozen wheel causes the turner to not only appear in tunisia (but also creates a body double (read about tesla’s invention in the movie The Prestige)

    to add to number 2…
    locke was told he had to die because MIB didn’t want him getting in the way… there is no real “has to die”. it was part of a long con.

    The doubled body on island was killed or taken over by MIB, which is why the extra body exists in the case that Illana brings.

    We will find out that ben’s body was also doubled in season 6.

  3. Yeah I am pretty sure Walt wasn’t dead when he appeared over the Dharma pit considering we have seen him interact with his grandmother, Hurley & Locke since he left the island.

    As for a body double appearing after you turn the wheel. Very good possibility but I think Locke will be the only double. It may be a result of the Casimir Effect and his exposure to electromagnetic property in The Swan.

    ^ Every should watch this video.

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