Waikiki @ Sunset 1/30: Pre-Screen of Season Six Premiere


Lost fans with tons of disposable cash and some free time January 30th, take note: Lost season six will premiere at Sunset on The Beach’s 30 foot screen in Waikiki, a source at ABC confirmed to me just hours ago. This will not be the first time Lost has kicked off at the outdoor theater — in fact, island bound Lost fans got an early peek through seasons 1, 2, and 3, but the season 4 event was eventually canceled, and a season 5 event became the victim of the tremendous reach of that whole economic nosedive. Happy days are here again.

Past events have seen the entire cast and several key crew members appearing live to chit chat with fans prior to the showing. Typically, the event starts around 4pm with some food and entertainment, leading up to the presentation of Lost shortly after dusk. So far, there has been no official information from the Sunset at The Beach folk.

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  1. I lived on Maui from May ’03 to Dec. ’08 and was able to see U2 finish their VERTIGO tour on Oahu in Dec. 2006. Pretty much the entire cast of LOST was at the concert and down in front where I was too. When I saw Jorgé (HURLEY), I crossed the 75 feet between us in a drunken sprint & threw my arms around him in as big a bear hug as I could give him. He was a good sport about it whilst Terry O’Quinn gave me the biggest “stink eye” I’ve ever seen from over Jorgé’s shoulder. I can only imagine how fun it would be to be back in the islands for the Season 6 Premiere? If we started paddling now…I’m pretty sure we could make it just in time. 🙂

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