Question on WIDMORE LABS – Ep. 2-16 “The Whole Truth”

I’ve never written a theory and don’t expect to…I’ll leave that to the serious “brains” here…but I do have a question. In my own “re-watch” gearing up for the final season…I noticed something which I’m sure has been noted previously. In episode 16 of Season 2, “The Whole Truth”, the pregnancy test that Sawyer gives to Sun is from “Widmore Labs”. Here’s a screenshot My question is, “Was Charles still on island when they were trying to solve the fertility issues?” I’m still in Season 2 obviously…I can’t remember which episode it was when we see him leave the island? I’m just find it curious that apparently one of his business ventures has a connection to pregnancy.

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5 thoughts on “Question on WIDMORE LABS – Ep. 2-16 “The Whole Truth”

  1. Widmore’s business that has made him so much money in the outside world is a pharmaceutical company, so i’m sure he makes a lot of pregnancy tests as well as other things… I think this info was mentioned in a podcast or something…

  2. don’t know, he seems to have left after the purge because they sent him off in the sub, but he seemed a fair bit younger ski don’t think it was too close to Juliet’s arrival in about 2001. I don’t think we’ve been told when the fertility issues started just after 1977 when Ethan was born. Maybe Eloise had to leave to have Dan because of it? So to answer your question, we don’t know.

  3. I don’t think there was a pregnancy problem then. When Ben finds Alex he doesn’t act amazed there’s a baby. Furthermore, Ben tells Widmore, “You had a daughter with an outsider. You broke the rules, Charles.”

    As for a timeline.

    Alex was abt. 5/6 when Widmore kicked off (she was playing on the swings). If she’s 16 in 2004, she was 13 when Juliette came, Making Widmore’s expulsion 7-8 years before Juliette came.

    Ethan was b. 1977, so there was 15 yrs. between last known birth (and presumeabley conception) on the island.

    We don’t know about Karl – when or to whom he was born.

    Widmore was kicked off the island

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