jacob touched people, so did MIB also touch people?

just got this question from a part of a theory on darkufo and all this talk on here of juliet being the variable and why jacob didnt touch her and i thought you guys would have a good time talking about it

all the ‘jacob touched’ losties were touched around scenarios that eventually lead them to the island
or in the case of hurley and sayid back to the island

juliet was the only flashbacker in the incident episodes that did not get touched by jacob
her flashback was the only one that did not involve a scenario that eventually lead her to the island

do you guys think that in season 6 we will see a flashback where juliet gets touched by mib?

my response to this is that mib on the beach seemed to not want to get involved with people but we do know that he was working on finding his loophole to kill jacob so he had motivation

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4 thoughts on “jacob touched people, so did MIB also touch people?

  1. This may be the case, and the left out information that they intentionally did not show us at the end of Season 5. I could very well see Season 6 start out with MIB’s version of “Touch me, touch me…” And then, the game is on with the sides chosen!

  2. I disagree entirely. Nemesis does not want people on the island. I don’t think he’s left the island. I think, in order to finish the game, he uses Jacob’s methods against him, by using other people as pawns. He takes advantage of the situation that has been brought to him.

  3. I meant to comment on this earlier but couldn’t get to my computer. I started thinking that Jacob or MIB could be shown touching people at another time.

    In my opinion this is pretty out there, but entertaining to think about during my rewatch of the first season. There are many characters that have close personal possessions of theirs checked at the airport, then they have to go and find it, most of them overcome an emotional struggle when they are doing this.

    Somebody tries to makes the Federal Agent escorting Kate check his briefcase because of the weapons. After being a dick to them they let him bring it on. In it is guns, but also the toy airplane from her friend, the plane is explained in a flashback. Her friend was also with her when Jacob touched her.

    Then some bloke makes Charlie check his guitar case, which is all he really wants to help remind him of home. That when Locke first tells him that he knows he is a bloody junkie. Also Hurley is bringing back a guitar case to the island.

    Somebody makes Locke check his knives, again for obvious reasons, but that is all he needs to be the hunter he was destined to be, i think in that episode he runs into the smoke monster, was that when he looked into the “eye of the island”? Or was it the night Boone died. I dunno I’m asking.

    Another example is Boone saying he can’t find Shannon’s asthma meds because they wouldn’t let her carry them on. That was quick in the episode, which i think was about Sawyer or Sayid.

    Yes this is way out there, but i love LOST and reading too deep into it…Namaste

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