Sawyer – been there before?

I’m rewatching from the start and I’m increasingly drawn to Sawyer. Yes we saw him on the plane but he’s messed up, he wants everyone to hate him and he isolates himself. He even tells one of the characters, when asked why he’s so desperate to leave on the raft, “there’s nothing here on this island”. Is he aware that he has been there before? Like Locke, he ‘knows’ a lot more than he’s letting on – at least thats how it appears to me. He annoyed me on the first viewing, now I love the character, but watching it second time around and now assuming he’s been there before changes my whole perception. Does anyone else have any thoughts? Sorry if this has been discussed, I’m new to the board. I’ve also just ordered The Third Policeman, if anyone has any thoughts on that?

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4 thoughts on “Sawyer – been there before?

  1. I believe that we will find out that a few of the LOSTIES were somewhat aware of the Island prior to crashing… on your 2nd view have you noticed that Locke seems to be one with the Island at certain times? In the very beginning he seems to be almost like a guru…

    I read the Third Policeman and although its a difficult and bizarre read at times, its a very intriguing novel! You will find many links to LOST in that book – ie. the magic box… its another Rod Serling type story, enjoy it!

  2. Hi there – yes I agree – the Locke thing appears to be startlingly obvious the way he expects things to happen, but like Sawyer he separates himself from the group. Also the distance in time since my first viewing and now means that I either forgot or didn’t pick up details the first time, its amazing watching it a second time, but he also gets frustrated when the island gets the better of him, saying ‘it wasn’t meant to be this way’. But then again because it seemed obvious I’m expecting it not to be as I’ve decided! He knows when it will rain for example but he can’t get into the hatch as easily as he wants to. Its Sawyer that’s thrown me – maybe they are forewarned that some of them may keep/lose their memory/awareness?

    A few people have mentioned the movie Skeleton Key and I wonder if there are parallels here, I can see them now, or at least I think I can! – I actually quite liked the film and I can see the parallels

    Am in Everything That Rises Must Converge right now but thanks for advice on Third Policeman, can’t wait!

  3. you know, its funny you mention Sawyer, alot of people talk about Jack being on the island before, i watched the pilot episode again the other day, i found KATES first appearance quite suspicious.

    I started to think maybe she awoke distant from the crash site like Jack.

  4. True, we dont see any of them in the immediate crash – mind you we don’t see the immediate crash do we? Maybe its about the spaces in between that we assume happened as our brains want to process the events logically. I still think Sawyer kisses Kate with more longing than someone who has only just met her.

    Nice photo by the way. Whats your take on Mr Eko? He’s my favourite, obviously!

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