Jacob & MiB in Season 2?

I may have totally got this wrong so please someone correct me if these characters have names but in my rewatch – Season 2, SOS (ep 19) – when they are on the beach and Bernard is trying to delegate jobs, there are two guys behind him and they look like a younger Jacob & MiB, the ‘Jacob’ has a shaved head and the ‘MiB’ has darker hair (rather than with grey), going forward on his face – I’ve frozen it and it looks like them to me.

Am I reading too much into this or has anyone else noticed this or do these guys have names and I’m reading too much into things? Even the knowing look they exchange is similar to the stills we can see of them in the Season 5 scene on the beach.

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6 thoughts on “Jacob & MiB in Season 2?

  1. I believe that’s Steve on the left and Scott on the right. Maybe I have them switched…..

    If you’re talking about around the 10 minute mark, just before Rose says “You’re a dentist” I’m not seeing anything. I’m damn curious though if you could specify just a little more.

  2. on my disc there is a close up in the later beach scene when they are about to write SOS – at 17:52, it just looks like a younger them with different hair.

    Possibly clutching at straws, it was late but if you still it there I reckon it could be a younger version.

  3. LOL, now I see what you’re talking about. Jacob kind of gives MIB a look of disgust……I don’t know man. If, by a longshot, it IS them, it’s not really telling us anything.

    Great job seeing that though. The hair color, hair style, it’s very much like them. I can see why it would really raise your suspicion

  4. They are just two random guys. I mean the one you call Jacob is balding and is about as old as the Jacob we saw in the incident, who is not balding. The other one could pass for a younger MIB. A real stretch.
    Although I love the idea that Jacob and MIB were just socks from 815. Maybe they get lost during the flaming arrows incident and wander into the temple. LOL

  5. They could be two random guys – I’ve even examined Jacob (as we know him)’s hairline – I think MiB is very similar although this one is younger

    Chiefof16 – yeah from my perception it replicates that look & screen capture from season 5 – a shared moment – or maybe its just me & my DVD player a little too much lol

    Do we know they didnt cast those two til later? Its more the mib expression – thats what made me think about it – that is so similar – or maybe BanLinus you are right, its two random guys squinting into the sun and its a stretch or even as you say they wandered into the nucleus of it? the ultimate irony.

    mind you there is a lot of nodding and overacting from extras in this scene if you look very carefully! ‘Oh yes, Bernard….’

    (they don’t know he’s the evil laywer from Angel though do they… now I’m really off on one….)

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