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Okay so I just watched the season 5 deleted scenes, and in the last scene Sun is talking to Locke. She says ‘why didn’t you come and visit me? You went to see everybody else’, reffering to when Locke got off the island and asked everyone to come back. Anyway this got me thinking, and I thought maybe the reason Sun didn’t flash to ’77 is because Locke never went to see her. Now in my mind this makes no sense but it is the closest I have come to finding an explanation. It kind of reminds of the Jacob’s touch scenario but you know… Different obviously. I just thought this was worth mentioning and my apologies if this has been discussed already. Oh and one more thing, I think I remeber Reading somewhere that the producers have already stated the reason why Sun didn’t flash but that could have been someone talking a load of bull, but anyway if people do know the reason then I’m sorry for posting this pointless theory haha


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4 thoughts on “This makes no sense

  1. It may also a possiblity, that Sun was the only one that wasn’t born yet in 1977. She was born in 1980. Hurley was born in 1977. Kate in 1977. Sayid in 1967. Ben in 1964 . Only on Jack there is no Date of Birth given (at least on Lostpedia)… which is kinda strange too…

  2. I was thinking how Daniel’s mother said that they had to try to recreate the original crash. Maybe since Jin was not with her she was not flashed to the 70’s… Ben, Lapidus, and Flock were not on the original crash and they did not flash either so… just a thought

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