The bad touch.

There is a concept in theology about man becoming god, the technical term is apotheosis. In different religions and myths down through the years different cultures have used it in story telling. One of the means is where a god hides an inner spark or piece of himself inside a man. This man then goes on, (without the knowledge that he has been used as a host for a god) to usually become rich or powerful by some means. Is this what Jacob has done with his touch on the losties. If so does it mean he is still alive. 

One of the main themes of lost has been duality. Did Jacob spread himself amongst a select group of people because Mib did the opposite of apotheosis. Maybe Mib, through smokie visited the same losties Jacob did and instead of giving each one of them some of his essence took a piece of their essence. 

I think that this process is what the rules are about. This would not allow the losties the full use of their free will. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Maybe though this restores a balance and negates Mib’s loophole. 

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7 thoughts on “The bad touch.

  1. TawaretsAnkh thanks for all the food for thought you’ve been giving us al lately! I was thinking about the way smokie scans people at the time I typed that sentence. I know it’s a stretch but what the hell.

  2. Here’s the thing TawertsAnkh. It took themfive seasons to show Jacob touching anyone. Add that to the idea that smokie and Mib could possibly be one and the same, then it’s not impossible. I know I’m reaching with this one.

  3. I like this idea daddyx. I guess MIB doesn’t have to show up in smoke form to take a part of their essence – he could’ve turned up as a person just like Jacob did.

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