The First 30 Seconds

What do you think we will see in the first 30 seconds of “LAX”?

The past two season openers have been fantastic in how they have stepped away from the expected/familiar characters and shown the “other” perspective (with Juliet the day of the crash) and Chang with his skipping record, baby Miles and the DI.

What and/or who do you think we might see in the first 30 seconds tomorrow?

My first/strongest inclination is towards Richard Alpert and a day in his life that we have not yet seen.

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23 thoughts on “The First 30 Seconds

  1. I think we are going to see the aftermath of the bomb detonation, it’s the biggest item of debate and the writers know that, we as an audience need to know right away. Or perhaps we see them on Oceanic flight 815 or a split screen of both. Either way, you know the first few episodes are just mind f***s and then we really start to get to the ‘meat and potatoes’ of things. Just my opinion.

  2. @cocoadoll

    Because the bomb detonation is the biggest item of debate is exactly why I was having this conversation earlier with someone. (They actually asked me the question.) They never seem to jump right in to exactly what we want, which is why I think it’s possible that they will make us wait a few minutes to see. I’m not saying the whole episode of course…just those first few moments where they have typically gone away from the expected is what I have come to expect.

  3. Well, I see where you are coming from but I am looking at season 6 as the game changer, we don’t have time to pussy foot around. I mean there are only 17 episodes and after tomorrow it will be fifteen to answer five years of burning questions. They will probably answer 1-3 questions in the first episode and leave us with about 20 but that’s why it is a 2-hour premiere. I have been studying the lost format and thinking about some of the things they are going to have tweak to get through this season.

  4. @Jj23

    I should hope nobody is dumb enough to watch it and post EXACTLY what they see here. Nobody is that stupid to visit a spoiler and then post in a theory question.

    If the spoilers start………man down…

    Guess we will see…

  5. I don’t know what the ABC site has posted, which is why it’s a fun question to think about for me. Is it a “burning” question? I don’t really care. Just don’t tell if you do think you know, and if it’s just me having fun thinking about it, then I’m cool with that too!

  6. Thanks for joining in the my random fun AES. I like the idea of a remake of the Pilot! I know it’s not the most important aspect of the premiere or the season ahead, but whatever. For so many other people I know who watch the show yet never get near a theories site, these are the kinds of questions and conversations that get had. Maybe that’s why so many of them love Hurley and his simplicity. (So far.) 🙂

  7. @kimberly


    …what happened to his Hoth?

    This is a fun question…but Im sure the first hour and fifteen miuntes will be showing us scenes from last year…they use repetition quite often as a tool for connecting scenes.

    How many times did we see Jack give the “live together die alone” speech.

    I think that the thing to remember this year will be to pay attention, and make sure everything is the same…they could thow in a difference and see if we catch it…

  8. I didn’t know about the abc spoiler. I actually have been avoiding them like the plague for this season. But I guess a little peak around the 8:30p marker wouldn’t hurt.

  9. Dude.

    Simplicity does not imply stupid. 😉

    And yeah, I anticipate nothing less from the writers… much like how they taped three versions of who was in the coffin at the end of S4.

  10. @A.E.S.


    Speaking of Hurley, and to go on a total tangent…

    If part of everyone’s journey has to do with the process of redemption/transformation/etc…not ALL, just part…what is it that Hurley needs to face? His ‘ghosts’ are well, real, in a way…but what else? Does this question make sense? I don’t expect a ton of thought on it, but what are the first things that come to mind?

  11. I think we will see the Jacob/MIB scene again and when MIB walks away we will follow him to his ‘residence’ and see Richard Alpert 🙂
    and then it jumps to the bomb aftermath.

    ifoundmyloophole .. if that happens, that might just be the best season opener ever! haha!

  12. I think we’ll see an eye opening, maybe Jack’s. He’ll be waking up on the plane, just before it lands. Even odds on whether or not he’s sober.

  13. hate to break it to you but I think the writers said they over the whole starting with the eye thing and quite frankly, so am I. Like I have stated previously, everybody needs to start thinking way outside the box, season 6 is the game changer, way outside the box means thinking in the simplest terms possible and then just tilt a little when it comes to lost. I really think the end is going to be something that we all thought it was in the beginning but then the s*** hit the fan and we started getting distracted and the writers kept denying our theories (they are big ole liars after all (time travel and what not, hey remember the first guy who thought of that (well, it’s actually a time loop theory and couldn’t account for stuff from seasons 3-5 but at the time a sheer stroke of brillance) back at the beginning of season 3, now that dude was thinking hard).
    Any way just my thoughts.

  14. I say it opens with the Masterpiece Theater opening, music, living room, chair and all. It then pans to the smoke monster sitting on the chair smoking a pipe.

  15. i watched the first 45mins 2 days ago. The episode was shown on Miami beachfront on a giant screen and some very helpful member of the public filmed it.

    the sound quality was very poor so im ready to watch it again tomorrow when so very kind person or persons decide to upload it to the internet properly.

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