The Cabin, “He”, and “Someone”…

Ok…I have heard more talk about the cabin today than anything else…
The biggest problem is trying to figure out exactly what it was used for…and by who?

I have thought little on this…just trying to help out…tell me if I am wrong.
“He isnt here…”
“He” is MIB…
MIB was held in the cabin. Why does this make more sense than Jacob being in the cabin to be safe from MIB/Smokey…because you dont corner yourself in the middle of the jungle to run from something…especially not Jacob.

Also, Jacob told MIB that he “would be right here…” (at the statue) when MIB figured out the loophole…and he was. He did not fear MIB in any way.
(because he needs MIB to succeed)

Jacob didnt need protecting from MIB…MIB needed to be imprisoned, this was the only option.

Im sure that Ilana had something to do with it, hence her knowing where the cabin was.

The “someone”, in “someone else has been using it…”, is Christian Shepard.
HE needs help. Help with his son…Help with saving the island…and HELP, because he is actually one of the “ancient others” that we see in the temple.

This is why Jack, Claire, and Aaron have such importance…it is in their blood to be others.

Why did Horace build it….most likely it was done post incident, which is why he had the blueprints/map/whatever it was in his pocket.
He more than likely was told to do so by Paul, which is why he was taken by Richard…everyone has a purpose.

This is a long shot…I have no other explanation…but it makes sense to me…


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59 thoughts on “The Cabin, “He”, and “Someone”…

  1. I am also implying that Christian is working WITH Jacob.
    He IS an Other, his bloodline IS important, and he DOES speak on Jacobs behalf.

    He didnt want Ben to move the island…he wanted John to originally move it…John screwed the pooch.

  2. Another good take on “who needs help.” the close-up on the eyes a few seasons ago does somewhat remind me of Christian.

    I’m also more convinced that it’s MIBs cabin. Personally, I still have some belief that MIB could be the one getting help, making me think that Jacob might be the bad guy here (MIB trapping Richard in chains in the cabin, then Jacob traps MIB there at some point and releases Jacob.. my thoughts at least)

    One thing that is unexplainable is the cabin’s vanishing act, other than one alternate timeline not having the cabin built. haha.

  3. This all makes tons of sense aside from why Ilana went to the cabin. If Jacob never lived there (which I agree with, the statue is his) what was Ilana trying to accomplish with that trip to the cabin?

    Who broke the ash that let MIB out I wonder?

    The ash has been broken for quite awhile considering the 815 pilot was killed by MIB.

    This all makes as much sense as we’re going to find at this point in the show.

  4. Ilana went to the cabin because they were trying to stop MIB, who they knew SHOULD be imprisoned there.

    The ash had to be broken longer than that, remember Rousseau and company 16 years earlier…the question is WHEN between those 16 years would he have been imprisoned?

    That gives us a timeperiod in a 16 year period.

    2004 – 16 = 1988

    Horace built the cabin most likely, using Lockes dream as reference.

    It seems from what we know about the purge, it occured at about 1992…this could be innaccurate…Im rolling with it…

    This gives us a timeperiod between 1992 and 2004…12 years…better than 16 or “?”… for when the “ring was broken” (you can almost taste the metaphor)…

    Then again, we are on a time traveling island…so who knows.

    The ash could have been broken in another timeline, which is now “our” island apparently…that has to be taken into consideration of the events between the 06 leaving…and Ajira crashing.

    This is a rough topic…not enough info yet…

  5. Hmm, i think MIB took Christian as a form, and manipulated everyone, during the whole 5 seasons to get where he is today, as MIB said to Jacob in the statue “You have no idea what i had to get through to get here”

    Flocke also said to Ben in the statue that Locke was a patetic and miserable person, and i belive MIB used that to build up Lockes self esteem, to belive he was something special, so that MIB some day could take over his body and then make the whole process to killing Jacob (He found his loophole, through locke)

    Locke was the one hearing “jacob” in the cabin, maybe it was MIB who was “trapped” inside the cabin, and there was the beginning of MIBs plan.

    As i said in the beginning, i thin MIB took the form of Christian and guided Jacks destiny through the island, and that made an domino effect on everything, Jack & Locke are two valuable players for MIB to succed with his loophole! In the same time, Jacob are workin on a “domino effect” that will make him win over MIB.. i think Jacob knew about MIBs plan…..

  6. Nice theory AES, i have my differences of opinion some things, but it’s a good attempt at putting together the little infomation that we do have.

    I personally think that Ilana was looking for jacob in the cabin. why i think that i don’t know. but i think she was looking for him in there, and it turned out the MiB had been stashed in there for quite some time instead.

    When Ben and Locke went to the Cabin that first time, the circle of ash appears to be intact. So in my mind, it was broken sometime after that, maybe by Hurley’s stumbling upon the cabin and not paying attention, maybe something more meaningful…..

    I also think that the MiB was somehow the smoke monster. again, another point of yours that my opinion differs, yet i have no real reason why lol I threw around some ideas with Cliff87 in my ‘more questions’ post. i was sort of half bs’ing, but somehow managed to convince myself of some of it.

  7. wait i think i was argueing with Chiefof16 lol he said something about the pilot being killed so that would imply that the circle of ash has been broken for sometime…and well, you know the rest.

  8. Trying to simplify everything:

    So the cabin is built before or during 1992. The ash was eventually placed around it, but was broken before the Losties arrived in 2004. Did we ever see smokey in the 70s? I know that it would have been blocked out by the sonar fence, but I can’t remember.

  9. the cabin was built by Horace, for him and his wife and kid. His kid (ethan) was born in 1977ish, so i think its probably pretty safe to say it was built closer to the late 70’s-80’s then built anywhere near ’92.

    and we don’t know for sure that the circle of ash was broken when they arrived in 2004. There’s no real evidense either way. the only concreate evidence we have is when Ilana went to the cabin in 2007…

  10. I believe Amy (aka Amelia) & Paul are others… Paul even had an Eqyptian ankh… Hello, clearly especially w/ the significance of the ankh in LA X.

    I posted a theory of this, but can’t find it. It must have been deleted when th esite was down.

  11. Ethan is an Other…

    I believe Amy is Amelia…also an other.

    I also find it odd Paul was killed where and when it happened.

    I truly think there are more people than we know of that could be others…Horace possibly even switching sides.

    think that Pauls death means something, and if not a way to communicate as many of the dead on the island are, then at least he is taken out as Dharma Leader, and possibly infiltrated with Horace.

    Horace is not in the same boat when it comes to certain things.
    He is overthrown by Phil and Radzinski…all the reason in the world for a man to change sides.

  12. So if it was built by Horace in the late 70’s (which makes sense) and Smokey was seen killing Roussaeu’s crew in the late 80’s (like ’87 to ’88, Alex is 16 in ’04 I believe), then it would have escaped the cabin sometime around the early 80’s at an average.

    I’m terrible with dates in this show (which is vital to understand anything). What happened around that timeframe? The purge maybe?

    It’s funny that we’re all talking about this so much. A new season aired yesterday, LOL.

  13. Also, the cabin did not have to be built in 92…the ash ring was created for MIBs imprisonment and had to be broken sometime between 1992 and 2004…

    Horace could have built it anytime…but its purpose wasnt utilized until later on.

  14. I don’t know. I was assuming it escaped the cabin in the early 80’s at some point (like ’78 to ’87).

    I don’t know where ’92 came from at all, I’m just confused and frustrated at this point. There just isn’t enough to really go by I don’t think. And I knew MIB is Smokie, I don’t know what that earlier “disagreement” was all about LOL. It’s been a VERY long day

  15. Because MIB is seen on the island the first day thaey are there in ’04.

    The cabin was built in the late 70s-early 80s right?

    I believe we see the monster between when we see Bens mom on island in the early 70s BEFORE Sayid shoots him.

    We have not seen or heard of the monster since then.
    If he is the one in the cabin…he is seen on island in the early 70s…the cabin isnt built until the late 70s…and we know the monster was there when Rousseau crashed in 1992…it had to be imprisoned sometime in between then…

    This is all IF it was MIB/Smokey imprisoned in the cabin…

  16. Whoa, I didn’t know Rousseau crashed in ’92. I thought Alex was 16 years old in ’04. I could be very wrong, but I thought Rousseau started the message loop around the same time she had Alex. The loop was playing for 16 years. So that’s why I was thinking ’88 timeframe for Rousseau’s team.

    I couldn’t have worded that any worse. Sorry.

  17. right…ok so i think the problem here is that we dissagree on what we think MiB can do. I’m going with the theory that although MiB was trapped in the cabin, for a very long time (let’s say mid 90’s til 2007), he was able to become smokey when he needed to but always ended up back trapped in the cabin. don’t ask why i think that, i just do :p but i’m going with it lol

  18. and Paul was the head of security in Dharma, while Horace Goodspeed was a mathematician and the leader of the Dharma Initiative. i think Horace would have known alot more then Paul. A lot more of the sneaky stuff i mean…

  19. Oh, OK, thanks. Anyway, a few years doesn’t make a HUGE difference right now anyway. I’d like to know who might have broke the circle of ash, that’s why I was so concerned about the likely timeframe of his escape in the firstplace.

    I’ll save that for another day though. All this talk is giving me cabin fever. Oh no I didn’t.

  20. i was just thinking about all the money i would have if i ever decided to put as much effort into business, as i put into dissecting LOST and trying to prove to myself that i’m right and other people are wrong.

  21. Very right…1988…my mistake…a timeframe still.

    But I think Paul started to realize things he shouldnt have…why were they where they were?

    Something is up…I cant help but feel the way I do about Amy…

    …and yes you did chief…yes you did…

    Im about to throw out a ridiculous theory involving all of this…ridiculous…

  22. Once Lost is done, maybe you’ll still have that urge to dissect and analyze certain things.

    I personally can’t focus on most books for more than 5 minutes, but I can think about this show all day. It’s bizarre for sure.

  23. I believed it was you Chief, that used the phrase “mind numbing” in a comment on one of my posts…

    Fair warning…in 5 months…when this “constant” is gone…your mind is going to unnumb, and television is going to drive you to books out of its simplicity and boringness.

  24. i’m definitly someone who has an addiction to asking questions. so you’re right, that probably will continue. but this show, THIS SHOW! 5 years ago i would have sworn i would never be one of those people who is obsessed over a show, to the point of annoying most people i know. and now, here i am. LMAO

  25. I bet you’re so right. We’d be lucky if another show as engaging as this came on in our lifetime. I actually don’t watch TV anyway. A little Fringe, a lotta this, and maybe a game or two. I see your point though, and it’s an excellent prediction.

  26. alright i’m really leaving now. really. Can’t miss Modern Family….

    ……or at least next time i’m not signing in so you guys won’t know i’m here…

  27. Well the smoke keeps smokey out in the premiere…. And Illana and crew were looking for Richard when they got to the beach …

    Maybe the cabin us where Richard was “chained” and it looked like he was really scared of MIB so maybe the ash was keeping him from getting to Richard …. But idk just a thought

  28. HenryGale, what an idea. It seems like it could add up to a degree. We need some solid timeframe of when the cabin was built, and when smokie was/wasn’t seen.

    Why doesn’t MIB go after Richard when he’s just chillin with the others though?

  29. Idk… He carries a bag of ash on his belt?

    Lol ya I had thought of why Richard would be just walking around the island now and idk… Was just a quick thought after seeing that the ash keeps smokey “out” of something

  30. Well, when you see chains in a cabin, and you hear chains being mentioned to Richard, I guess you have to make some sorta connection.

    Speaking of a bag of ash, why don’t they pour some ash doen that grate/vent where Ben was judged?

  31. Ok, this is something you guys haven’t mentioned. In the cabin is Jacob’s knife, which is holding a piece of Jacob’s tapestry to the wall. This i think shows that the cabin had jacob in it at least at some point. HOWEVER, why would jacob need to be protected by ash? He’s chilling on the beach with MIB, i doubt he would need to be protected.

    So they either locked MIB in after jacob left the cabin or someone else was using the cabin, feeling safe protected by the ring of ash.

  32. Not sure if I missed it. But as far as the ash ring being broken. We know that Ben is aware of Jacobs cabin. We know that he can summon Smokey. Whats to say Ben didn’t go there, find Smokey, and release him. So far Ben has never proved to be as innocent as he pretends to be. What do you all think?

  33. Ok so just to clarify, Cabin is built post-incident but before the purge. That’s about all we can narrow it down to. As for talking about when we know the smoke monster was on the island and about, in the episode ‘LaFleur’ when Richard comes into the camp Horace says, “I wish you had let me know you were coming. We could have turned the fence of for you.” With which Richard replies, “That fence may keep other things out, but not us.” It is implied that he is talking about smokie. In ‘Left Behind’ the monster is repelled by the sonar fence.

    Now back to placing when MIB is imprisoned (for now I’m just assuming that this theory is accurate and I’m running with it). Bear with me for a moment, I realize that this is going to go a little off topic, but I’ll bring it back. There is some debate on when the Purge actually occurred. According to Locke’s dream, Horace states that he has been dead for 12 years. We also know that Horace died during the final gas attack on the island from the episode ‘The Man Behind the Curtain’ in which we see him hunched over dead on a bench after the attack. This would mean that the purge happened in 1992 (presumably where A.E.S. got this date). However, there are other timeline issues that lead us to believe that it might have happened earlier, most notably the markings on the blast door. Some of these lead us to believe that the incident happened much earlier in the year 1985. I believe that I have an explanation for this inconsistency. In the Lost Dharma Initiative Orientation Kit a copy of “The Truce” is included which is dated, August 15, 1973. On which, there is an agreement that the Dharma Initiative can only stay on the island for 15 years. It is my theory that the DI got there around 1970, thus making the 15 years end around 1985. At this time the others decided to let the DI know their time was up. Of course being the egotistical people the DI were, they said no. This ended the Truce and sparked a war that went on for 7 years. This war triggered the abandonment of certain stations by the DI of which is referenced on the blast door notations. At the end of this war the others were able to make a final blow, with the help of Ben, by taking over the Tempest.

    Now the reason I went through all that is that I think it’s possible that when this war was going on, the DI released MIB in an effort to find a new weapon against the others, presumably before the Tempest was created (I believe the Tempest was being built as a weapon to be used against the hostiles, however, they were able to take it over before it could be used). This would be why there is a summoning place in the basement of one of the Dharma houses. This would fit with the timeline.

    So in my timeline MIB is out and about in the early 1970’s. He is imprisoned in the mid-70s only to be released somewhere between 1985(when the war started) and 1988(when Rousseau’s team arrives). Of course I just hashed this all out in about 40 minutes and hadn’t really thought too much about it before that so there could be some pretty substantial flaws in my thinking so let me know what you think.


  34. One quick note about Jacob’s cabin. The only evidence I’ve found that Jacob might’ve been staying there is someone pins up a part of his tapestry with his knife for Ilana to find and follow.

    Just thought of that so I figured I’d add. 😛


  35. Hi, everyone. Newbie here – I would just like to bring up the whole knife in the cabin holding up a piece of tapestry… remember when the MiB picked up his knife after Smokey came and left, ripped off a piece of the carpet from the floor, and cleaned the knife with it? Could this be related the to knife holding the tapestry to the wall in the cabin? I thought it was interesting he used a piece of carpet to clean the blood from the knife. Maybe he will take that to the cabin – maybe it is some kind of ritual you must do? Anything is possible on the Island.

    Also, about the Richard and “chains” comment… Richard has always looked Egyptian to me, and Egypt used slaves to build their monuments, and there is that statue on the island. Richard could have been an Egyptian slave used for this purpose.

  36. I don’t think Horace built the cabin. I think Locke’s vision was just that, a vision meaning the Eye of Horus (which scared Hurley).

    Jacob had 2 things on his tapestry – Taweret and the Eye of Horus. Taweret patch was on the wall of the cabin – pointing Ilana to where MIB was. The ‘eye’ may have been used if he was at the cabin.

    I further think MIB meant HIMSELF when saying to Richard, “Good to see you without those chains” (I was wearing). Richard is white, so probably not slave as some are guessing – I think he’s rather the 1st mate whose log/journal Widmore so desperately wanted. (Hmmmm … wonder why? … )

  37. I also do not believe Christian and Locke are the same. I don’t think Christian is MIB… Christian’s coffin was empty, and they made it a point to show us that. While, they also made it a point to show us Locke’s was in fact full. So Christian and Focke are opposites somehow…

  38. AES –

    I skipped by all the comments, correct me if I am wrong but did you say in your theory that Christian was the ‘someone else’ and that MIB is who Ilana was looking for.

    That would make Christian & MIB two different, non affiliated entities, right?

  39. Yes and no… I did say that but thats why I started the other post…

    “He” was MIB…Christian was the “someone else”…

    This led me to think and repost to my new theory that Christian is the monster, and the cabin was once Jacobs…

    Now making “he” Jacob…and “someone else” Christian/monster/mib…

    Good catch…thats why I started a seperate post on the subject.

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