Squatters in Smokie’s Temple

We’ve assumed for a bit that smokie lives in the Temple, that’s where he dragged Locke, took Montand’s arm and judged Ben. But all of this occurred around and under the Temple. The island also seems to be covered in a network of tunnels. The others in the Temple itself very much want to keep smokie out, using a circle of ash as one method.

Smokie aka MIB, Flocke is not a happy chappy. He’s really mad and just wants to go home. The place on the island he seems to be kept out of is the Temple, so it makes sense that this is home. At best, he’s been cast into the Underworld, mythologically speaking.

Now my ‘what if’ , What if smokie is the only real ‘native’ to the island, he has been there in smoke form, able to take on the appearance of dead people for centuries, lives around a really special spring, a fountain of youth and healing. People arrive on the island and go “Wow”. Worship smokie and the fountain of youth for a while, build him a nice temple with pretty pictures of him.

Then they get a bit greedy.

Jacob is the spiritual leader of this group, he uses the fountain a lot so is effectively immortal but smokie isn’t happy with the way the island is being used by these people. The only way Jacob can keep it all together is to banish smokie from his temple, tricks him to get him to leave, throws up a circle of ash and continues his civilization of others, bring other people to the island and selecting a special few to join this group. Smokie then spends all this time roaming the outer walls and tunnels getting more and more peeved that he can’t go home (after a few centuries of this, I’d want to kill someone too). The only way he can get back in is to kill Jacob (cut off the head of the snake) but isn’t able to do it in physical form (not sure why) so he needs to figure out how to convince someone else to do it. Uses Ben and Locke and we know the rest.

I think the war is this, a struggle between two for control of the island via the fountain of youth. Jacob has his group of followers (wouldn’t be surprised if the Japanese guy is also ageless) some who stay within the Temple and others who keep the island under control via Richard. Smokie wants them gone and to have his island back. So who is on what side, are people like Eloise and Widmore ‘real’ others, or are they on smokie’s side and want to see him return home? Who is right or wrong? Smokie seems like a really nasty entity at the moment, but situations can make these things seem quite one sided when they aren’t.

If you consider the conversation on the beach from this perspective, it makes sense. And shows Jacob to be a bit of a smug b******.

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15 thoughts on “Squatters in Smokie’s Temple

  1. Thanks, but I’m not sure what super powers you mean. He seems immortal but that can be explained by the spring. I’m notsure his ‘touching’ meant anything, he was just gathering info on certain people for his list, once it was finished he gave it to Hurley. I don’t think the reason for the list is decipherable yet.

  2. Maybe if his superpower is vaporising! 🙂

    I agree with this one. To me it was MiB that came across as the reasonable one in the whole beach conversation. Viewed with this in mind, Jacob was being a total prick.

    BUt sides in a conflict is all about point of view isn’t it – we’ll see soon enough.

  3. This is quite plausable. There’s gonna have to be a twist of some kind isn’t there? MIB NOT being evil could be it.

    What IS this island then, with healing waters and a being that becomes black smoke at will? scary.

  4. I think your right on Jacob not truly being a good character, but I think there is more at stake than just getting back into the temple.

    At the end of season five MIB says “You are still trying to prove me wrong!” That doesn’t sound like Jacob has just taken over the temple solely for the fountain of youth. There seems to be (as always with Lost) more a foot.

    Also Jacob and MIB act like they have seen this all before like they are stuck in a time loop. I think maybe MIB wants to get out of the time loop?

  5. I do have a feeling that it’s some sort of loop. I can’t get the scene with Shot-in-the-leg-Locke past my head! FLocke knew it was going to happen because maybe it happened before.

    Did Faraday really traveled through time or did his ‘memories’ stayed with him through other ALTS, knowing what he will be doing?

    Desmond’s somewhat of a no-brainer. “See ya in another life, brotha!”

    Take this with a grain of salt (am i saying it right?), but another possible ending would be the ALT folks that never crashed will somehow, someway, come back to the island, hence the loop. I’m using the help of “course correcting.” Don’t hit me; I know it’s a crazy theory. lol

  6. @ monkey in regards to :”Also Jacob and MIB act like they have seen this all before like they are stuck in a time loop. I think maybe MIB wants to get out of the time loop? ”

    I’m not so sure. Smokie seems to have all of John Locke’s memories, as well as a stronger connection to the island. He could use the combination to know when and where to meet time travelling locke.

  7. I agree that Smokey knows a lot about Locke but Jacob seems to know alot about all the Losties.

    In S06E01 Jacob tells Hurley to get Jin to take him to the place he was with the French team (ie the temple) and Jacob wasn’t even there when that happened.

    Also Jacob was able to turn up at points of there lives to guide them like he knew that they pivotal points in all of there lives.

    Thus leaving me to believe that MIB knows a lot about Locke and all of them just like Jacob becuase they have seen the whole of time played out before and they are both kind of left to play the world like a game of chess.

    I think I may write this up in more detail and put it down as a post!

  8. Has anyone mentioned that it’s possible that it isn’t a fountain of youth or unaging because it appears that Ben went through the same process and didn’t stay 12 years old?

  9. @ monkey, I think there is much more going on with the temple and the properties of the island, was basing this just on what we’ve seen, but extras wouldn’t change this, just increase the stakes. I think it’s also about the power that comes from the spring and being able to decide how, when and who uses it.
    On the time loop stuff, they’ve shown us that time travel is possible both physically and consciously, to me that explains how Jacob knows things – it doesn’t have to have happened over and over again, someone with an ability to time travel can go and see who they want when they want. And smokie has been shown to read people’s minds.

    @pylonbusta I think the spring is able to heal. But if you spend a lot of time in it, that’s when you stop aging. If I can use Indiana Jones as an example. The Holy Grail is said to be the elixar of life. Drinking from it can make you immortal, but you have to keep drinking from it, like the knight. Just using it once, like with Henry Jones, just heals. So if Ben was only put in once he wouldn’t stop aging. If Richard and Jacob have spent lots of time in it, it would explain their agelessness. Thinking about the chains comment tied together with Richard’s Jacob made me this way – was Richard physcially forced to be in the spring, he didn’t want to?

  10. I dont think its neccessarily smokies home the temple that is, i think when MIB speaks of going home he speaks of getting out of his own purgatory of the island (im working on a theory for this lol)

    I dont think thats the fountain of youth either, there is a spring in ancient egypt called “horaces spring” which is a healing spring but i cant be sure its that either. I’ve got a nagging feeling that whatever that spring is its about rebirth, to me they are obdviously killing sayid for him to be reborn, the timer? To make sure not enough time goes by to allow bad spirits or whatever to get in but just enough time for the good ones? Pfft im stuck lol. The egyptians were really big on rebirth so its got that feel to it for me.

    What i am confused about is the asian leader of that group of others?

  11. Very true if you could go any where in time and she it all happen. Its just I keep thinking about MIB and Jacob’s conversation Saying “it only ends once! Every thing before that is just progress”. It seems like they already know the end and are trying to change it. But still it wouldn’t have to be a loop if you could travel time like you said.

  12. I just think a time loop along with an alt timeline is way too much, and they don’t need the time loop because they set up time travel. I agree with you, I think they have seen the end and are acting with that future knowledge.

  13. I love this theory, Tas!

    It might not explain everything and it might have some flaws, but it is very interesting!
    It gives a whole new perspective to that conversation on the beach, indeed.

    I would still like for Jacob to be the good guy, but I see your reasoning for MIB’s wrath. And his “disappointment” due to this betrayal makes absolute sense, I think.

    I just don’t understand how you see Jacob. Was he special? Was he given a gift by MIB, maybe the gift of healing? Did MIB put too much faith in him, which caused him to be overpowered?

  14. I think that way back in history when Jacob and his original others discovered the island, MIB believed in his goodness, probably taught him about the island and it’s specialness. Thinking about history and how power has played out in our own history, I can see Jacob slowly believing in the power, more than the island. He uses the healing properties for himself and a close few, has knowledge of time travel and therefore the future and this limiting knowledge gives him more power. We’ve seen how power corrupts so easily. The ultimate abuse of power is to reject and throw out that which gave him the power and knowledge in the first place.
    I think this gives us as the viewer a lot of ‘meat’ to discuss. It is so ambiguous and has all the does the ends justify the means, did they bring it on themselves, will anyone stand up to a leader for what they think is right.
    I’ve been a bit anti Jacob for a while, in the same way as I really don’t like Jack as a character so that does paint my opinions. Plus I think it would be a great flip for the writers to have us need to rethink our love/hate for the two characters

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