MIB and Jacob: the backstory

Written 4th February

So I’ve never come up with my own theory before. I’ve been THOROUGHLY enjoying reading through everyone else’s ideas, but I’ve been trying to keep my mind from going down a path, convincing myself it’s true, and then being disappointed when it turns out to be false. I’m afraid it would ruin the show.

However, I was reading Cheifof16’s theory “MIB isn’t smokey” and came up with this idea, working on the assumption that MIB is NOT the smoke monster.

Jacob and MIB have inhabited the island as some type of spiritual, living creatures for years. Maybe they were part of some older tribe and figured out the way to live eternally, maybe they were just there, I don’t know. At some point in this history, MIB died. Because of the island, or because of his uber-spirituality, he doesn’t simply disappear, but instead is stuck on the island with Jacob and is now forced to follow certain “rules”: he can’t cross a line of ash, he can inhabit the bodies of others who have died, and because he is not actually alive, he can’t kill anyone…including Jacob. Instead, he’s figured out how to control Smokey and has been using him to kill losties, others, etc. However, Smokey can’t touch Jacob, because Jacob isn’t a mere human. His spiritual force is too strong. Only a living human can kill Jacob (because he used to be one…? I’m not sure on this one.). And for whatever reason Jacob can’t control Smokey, maybe for the same reason.

So MIB has to use Ben to kill Jacob. Not even using Locke’s body will work, because they’re both still dead.

And I think what this means is that Jacob’s story isn’t over. He’ll now be forced to follow the same “rules” as MIB. The ash will now keep him out of the temple, he’ll be able to use the bodies of the dead to come back to life…maybe even Sayid? That would also explain his sudden resurrection, wouldn’t it? Maybe Jacob, now dead, is using Sayid’s body to help lead the losties/others to defeat MIB.

And hopefully Jacob can now control Smokey…

There are probably plenty of holes in this theory. Or maybe someone has already come up with it and I just haven’t seen it…there are a lot of theories to go through. 🙂 More than anything, my imagination started running, and it was fun to think about. I’m not married to it, and I’m excited to see if I’m proven wrong or right.

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