my theory on jacob, MIB, the rules and loopholes

Jacob is appointed in charge of making sure MIB never gets what he wants, and by the sounds of things what he wants is to go home. What this means i dont know.This marvellous island is for Jacob a home, but for MIB some sort of prison. Jacob also seems to be on some kind of mission to prove to MIB something about human beings and human nature. MIB doesnt like humans coming to the island. He thinks it always ends the same way. We can see the black rock in the distance sailing toward the island. Jacob tells him it only ends once, the man gets upset, tells jacob he longs to kill him. perhaps jacob isnt allowed to kill him either, maybe theres only set ways either can die.

so maybe MIB makes a bet with Jacob, that human beings must prove there worth on the island, but without Jacobs direct influence. Jacob must respect human wishes. So Jacob appoints the newly arrived Richard as being an advisor on the island, Jacobs only point of contact, but only through notes, never directly face to face. He does something to Richard, perhaps in the temple to make him ageless. that way Richard can act as a sort of timeless instruction manuel for new comers to the island, and Jacob goes into hiding, not interfering and trying to prove to MIB that human beings can live peacefully on the island by themselves and their own choices. In other words, Jacob puts his faith in humans and sacrifices any powers he has. So when a human being (Ben) decides to kill him, Jacob must die by his faith in humans. Thats part of the loophole i think. MIB cant kill jacob for whatever reason, but Jacob can die by the hands of the humans he puts his faith in.the other part is that MIB cant find jacob without richards help, and the only way to get richards help is by mimicking the only person who can have have an auidience with jacob- the leader. So by appearing as christian he convinces locke to move the island, then manipulates the flashes to make Locke believe he has to die, and then when ajiri crashes he pretends to be locke and just like that he’s found a loophole. he can not only find jacob, but convinced one of his own he needs to kill him.

i think jacob new tho that this was going to happen. I think thats why he never ever made contact with Ben. he’s now using this alternate timeline to somehow redress the balance.

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7 thoughts on “my theory on jacob, MIB, the rules and loopholes

  1. I really like your thinking on Jacob having to be killed by a human he put faith in. This is very interesting. He didn’t actually need Locke himself, just someone that people would trust and listen to. Very insightful.

  2. I think Jacob could only be killed by someone that’s been in the healing pool before. (Ben was as a child). As if the healing waters serve a deeper purpose other than just healing.

    I also think that’s why Widmore wants to find the island. It simply has water that can bring people back to life. He can sell it to the world, and essentially become god.

    But whoa, whoa, whoa…..

    If this all comes down to Jacob and MIB making a bet (you said this in your theory), well, I highly doubt that’s likely. Six epic and monumental seasons, many tragic deaths, the best mysteries in the history of television….and it’s all to tell the story of a silly bet Jacob and MIB made about humanity? Not buying it.

  3. haha, no not like a silly wager, more of a challenge or ultimatum for Jacob to prove humanities worth to MIB, one that he would stake everything on, his life, the island for MIB’s freedom & chance to go home.

    tho i do like the idea of the final episode ending with MIB turning to Jacob and saying ‘see i told u humans were no good’. Then Jacob grumbling and handing him a tenner.

  4. Hi caps_locke, nice thinking on Jacob and Nemesis. Whatever opposing views they have, I see the entire exercise as being much more than a standard game. If a game, it would be a game of life or death consequences, with a significant and catastrophic results.

    I think one of them, is playing the ‘total’ endgame of life itself perhaps and that both of them are ‘locked’ in this battle to an end.

    Jacob pre-empts the plans by Nemesis and offers himself up as a sacrifice. Nemesis has made it clear, that all he wants to do is go home, wherever that place might exist in the universe. That makes it clear, that it is Jacob who stands in the way of him doing this.

    I don’t know exactly why Jacob needed Benjamin Linus, but if I had to guess, it would be because Benjamin Linus is totally predictable.

    Great thoughts!

  5. In chess, a king cannot kill a king by himself, even if backed into a corner, it would be a stalemate. The king (either black or white) needs another piece, any piece to do the killing. Chess always ends the same – with one person winning and one dying, by playing over and over you make progress as a player.

  6. I love the chess analogy. Particularly because in Chess all the pieces have set characteristics, the bishop goes diagonal, rook forwards back and sideways etc… just like all the Lost characters seem to have definable characteristics. Jack fixes, kate runs, sayid kills, sawyer cons, Ben lies. maybe we’ll see how Jacob plays these ‘pieces’ to win the game.

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