Why I thought Locke was the loophole

I thought that Locke was the loophole because of the flashes.

I dont think Locke was ever meant to be leader of the island. Richard visits him a few times and concludes he’s nothing special. Locke only becomes leader because in the flashes he tells Richard in the fifties that he is the future leader. He essentially appoints himself leader if that makes sense? he breaks the methods by which the leader is selected, like a self fulfilling prophecy. Now smokey takes Lockes form, tells Richard to tell the real Locke he needs to die, thus the real locke dies and out waltzes smokey looking like him and takes his place, his place as leader. now as leader he demands an audience with Jacob, and richard takes him there. He also fools Ben thro taking Alexs form into believing Locke is like a messiah and must be obeyed. Thus Ben, a one time leader of Jacobs people, kills Jacob for smokey.

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6 thoughts on “Why I thought Locke was the loophole

  1. uhh richard says to locke: when we heard someone landed on the island who was a paraplegic and can walk again we got very excited. because that can only happen to someone who is very special.

    he also picked the sand and the compass. and drew the smokey picture. and had communion with the island. and started making ben feel better and able to walk again ever since he went to the others.

    im tired of people saying he wasnt special. he was, but he was also very naive.

  2. ekolocation- If you remember, Locke didn’t pick the compass and the sand, he picked the knife. Which made Richard upset with Locke.

    I think Locke is special to the island, just as much as all of the other characters. Rose was cured of cancer, let’s not forget that. Should Rose be leader then?

  3. Apologies, i didnt mean to make Locke sound insignificant, the fact that he could walk again is a massive testament to how special he is. But as sarajs16 notes, Rose was also cured. and Locke never picked the compass or sand (which may well be the ash which protects from the monster) he picked the knife. he picked a weapon, and its a knife that killed Jacob. He does indeed draw smokey, so he mite be special, but not necessarily a good special.

  4. locke does pick those two items. he is supposed to pick 3, and the third is supposedly the book of law, but he chooses the knife as the third item. watch it again

  5. Hi caps_locke, the test given by Richard to a young John Locke is similar to the test given to find the next in line to become the Dalai Lama. I believe that young Locke was supposed to choose the Book of Law, as stated by ekolocation.

    The fact that Locke chooses the knife, accompanied with his ability to draw the ‘smoke monster’, is indicative of an affinity to the ‘smoke monster’ from a young age.

    This implies to me, that Nemesis’ moves on John Locke had begun a long time ago and lends credence to the statement Nemesis makes to Jacob in the Temple. “You don’t know what I’ve had to go through to be here”.

    I also believe that Ben has been manipulated by both opposing forces from the very beginning. That makes me wonder, as to who is actually using who, and on what grander scale.

    Great thoughts!

  6. The only reason MIB had to make himself the leader of the others was so that Richard would follow Mock Locke to Jacob. MIB didn’t need Richard to lead him to Jacob. Jacob told MIB in ‘The Incident’ that he would be waiting there for him. MIB obviously needs Richard for something else and that’s why he needed him to come with him. He also took Locke’s form so that he could get Ben to kill Jacob.


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