Claire: smokey or real claire?

“The Lighthouse” has left me a little confused with many questions in the air (as many Lost episodes do). But my main question is, is this really Claire? I know that the asian-samurai guy in the temple said to Jack that “it happened to your sister” but who knows. Maybe he isn’t telling the truth. But how can MIB be inhabiting John Locke’s body and Claire’s at the same time? So is this the real Claire?

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10 thoughts on “Claire: smokey or real claire?

  1. Illana said that MIB was trapped in Locke’s body now for some reason so i’m assuming its the real CLaire… but she is definitely not the same Claire. Three years in the jungle with MIB… who knows what she is thinking.

  2. It is all confusing, but i think it is Claire, only shes been driven bonkers like Danielle was.

    Although, Miles behaviour towards her after she was in that eplosion would suggest that she might be dead. BUT, from what we saw in the last episode, she seemed alive to me.

    From a writers perspective, i always thought Claire would turn up alive and would be reunited with Aaron, as they know the audience would want to see that, and its Kates main reason for coming back.

  3. Not smokey. MIB can’t change his apperance anymore, we learned this last week.

    Also, Claire has been “claimed” which, to me, sounds like she chose MIB. Although, I think the reasons are mostly because MIB pretended to be people whom she trusted. So, to me that’s cheating.

    Also, I do agree that Claire possibly died when her house exploded (how does anyone survive something like that?), which gave MIB the oppertunity to become “Christian” and then brought her to the dark side (in a matter of speaking).

    So, basically—this is physically Claire. Psychology, I think we lost her.

  4. I believe Claire died in the explosion and Christian took her to the temple, and instead of being healed she was ‘claimed’ I do not believe Christian is the MIB. Her father probably told her they took the baby, and assumed it was the others…

  5. I dunno what is going on with Claire, but alana did say that MIB is recruiting seems hes doing a pretty good job of it so far, claire,sawyer sayid soon? possibly Jin?

    The person im interested in for what happens next is Miles, is he a candidate?

  6. This “infection” that Sayid and Claire both have have brought them back to life. The healing waters didn’t save Sayid, we were shown that when Dogan’s hand didn’t heal.

    They both are essentially infected with something we don’t understand yet. Although they are claimed, MIB isn’t controlling their bodies, they’re just on his side.

    So Claire is inside Claire’s body, just like Sayid is.

  7. exactly what Cheifof16 said. I don’t think we’re supposed to understand yet. but she is claimed like sayid, but that isn’t by MiB, just on his team.

    and Cheif, what a game eh?!? I live in Vancouver, so it doesn’t get much sweeter than this, Canada taking the gold, but damn, that US team worked damn hard.

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