Just wondering what peoples thoughts were on Aaron having a cousin in David Shephard.
The Shephard family is clearly very important to lost.
Seems quite strange as well that Aaron and David look like a young Jacob and Mib. And would have been “old friends”.
Could however just be another reference to light and dark.


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7 thoughts on “Cousins

  1. Cool idea, but if it’s true, it’ll kind of piss me off.

    It’s almost looking like the writers are making stuff up as they go. No need to freak out on me, I know they’re not, and it sucks to even think about it, but I can’t help but worry a little. They show us a tall, noticeable lighthouse for the first time just last episode. How no one on the island has seen it escapes me. I don’t care about Hurley’s response (guess we never looked for it), that’s a writer cop out if I ever saw one.

    What I mean is, if MIB turns out to be someone that we know about, I sure as shit hope it isn’t someone they just now decided to introduce to us, like a David Shepard.

    I want to start seeing more connections to the rest of the seasons soon. As cool as the lighthouse was, I think I’m done seeing new things. I want to see them focus on all mysteries that have plagued us theorists for years now.

    Many people are going to start having similar complaints if the next couple weeks are similar to the confusion we’ve had to indure to this point in the season.

    Whoa….anyway, I still think it would be cool to see. I always thought Jacob and MIB were from the future anyway. I’d be on board with this idea if it didn’t piss me off so much. 🙂

  2. I totally agree need answers solved, but some of these new points are pretty cool if a little late.
    On a further point about Aaron and Christian. Christian could want Aaron dead as he needs the sideways timeline to exist, or he doesn’t.
    When MiB says they come etc on the beach he is saying they as he knows who he is talking about. Possibly

  3. I think the David = Man in Black and Aaron = Jacob is the writers use of misdirection. They make it a point to show the blue eye color of david and the man in black.

  4. As much a total brat David is, I don’t think he’s MIB if only ‘cuz MIB can’t take another form (per Ilana) – unless you’re saying they are them then in the future go back in time and become MIB/Jacob. ‘Cept, we don’t have any indication that time travel has been invented in SidewaysVille.

  5. Yeah, I agree that if Jacob and MIB turn out to be other characters they should be characters we’ve known about for a long time, not just tossed in there at the end. But is MIB really a person, or just a monster who lives in human bodies?

  6. to respond to the comment on why no one has seen the light house:

    I’ve noticed that in Lost that things appear out of nowhere whenever the writers want it to be there. Like the temple. That showed up out of nowhere. The first time that appeared was in the LAX double episode.

    I just wanted to point out that things have a strange way of masking themselves from view until they become important.

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