A Galaxy/Island Far Far Away

We all know the writer’s love for Star Wars (as well as other Sci-Fi shows/movies). On one of the LOST Pods one of the writers said in ref. to when Locke first went to the cabin and we were (albeit briefly) introduced to Jacob, said “Jacob is to LOST what the Emperor was to Star Wars.” Not that Jacob IS the Emperor, but rather his importance is like that. I know lots and lots has been said about parallels to S.W. but, after watching last night’s episode “Sundown” I began to see yet another similarity and it will be interesting to see how this further plays out.

Obviously people have been coming to the Island (or should I say brought) for a LLLLOOOOONNNNNGGGG time. The statue of Taweret, the Temple, lots and lots of hieroglyphics all point to people being on the Island way before the Black Rock Ship came. Who knows (hopefully we will by season’s end) how long people have been coming to the Island or lived there; who built the statue of Taweret and the Temple, etc. Is it possible that not just people have been brought to the Island but were living there as cavitations who, I don’t know, worshipped the gods?

What does this have to do Star Wars? First a crash review of S.W.:
If you remember (assuming you’ve watched S.W. Episode I) we see the Jedi flourishing and the Sith hiding, but plotting for a take over. However, it wasn’t always like that; at one time the Sith & Jedi were almost equal in number which led to many, many wars, but there was a tense “balance of power”. At some point the Jedi overcome the Sith and the movies show the Sith’s rise to power, the near wiping out of the Jedi, but in the end Jedi “Return” but not in the same way or some status as before.

Parallels w/ LOST:
-Balance (Yin/Yang/Black/White) of power as seen in Jacob & MIB. Is it possible in the past the cavitations on the island worshipped/were followers of/ connected to Jacob on one side, MIB on the other? What happened to them? I don’t know, but obviously (no need to go into all this as we all know this) there’s a philosophical diff. b/t Jacob & MIB. By the time we (the viewers) get to the island w/ the LOSTies, the tug-o-war has been going on for a long time b/t the two, but it’s coming to a head.
-Jacob “allows” himself to be “struck down” sorta like Obi-Wan. I love Hurley’s line “kinda like Obi-Wan Kenobi” when talking to Jack in “Lighthouse”. Now we MIB like the Sith, coming to full power with Jacob “out of the way”, he’s coming out in the open and has his apprentices/storm troopers (ha, ha!).
-The “temple” and all the followers of Jacob are killed (like S.W. Movie III) and the few Jacobites are not there when that all goes down and there are a flipping lot less of them now.
-But Jacob, like Qui Gon (finding his way back from the netherworld) & Obi (struck down, but more powerful than ever) living thru/ recruiting his people/Jedi for the purpose of accomplishing whatever his side of the argument is w/ MIB.

Now, I’m not saying the intent of the writers or the show is simply another version of retelling the S.W. story, I’m just saying that after watching last night’s episode, there are even more parallels. Where does that leads us to? Will Jacob, like Luke redeem those turned to the dark side and keep the line of Jedi going? I don’t think that’s the point. I believe “redemption” for people like Sayid, Claire and others who’ve joined MIB is not going to happen.

I believe Jacob is trying to move Jack & Hurley into whatever role is necessary to prove his point of the argument. My question is the same question everyone has is, “What the flip is that argument about?” I have my opinions (I’ve posted them before) and there are tons of other goods ones out there. I’m just wondering are there going to be other parallels from S.W. that would help to answer this question.


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2 thoughts on “A Galaxy/Island Far Far Away

  1. dude, I am a star wars fanatic and enjoy this post. But you say that the writers compared Jacob to The Emperor. Palpatine was actually the bad guy. So Jacob’s group would be the sith rather than the jedis no? Or did you mean MIB? Either way we can adapt it to fit to the parallels. but if they compare Jacob to the Emperor then perhaps he is the bad guy after all? Our pre-conceived notions of “white” have been used against us?

  2. I am a big S.W. fan as well. The writers said Jacob was compared to the Emperor. Again, I don’t necessarily think they meant that he was the bad guy like the Emp. was just that his importance or role as a character was like that of the Emp. Of course they might have meant it in the “bad guy” kind of way. Who knows? These writers definitely love to make us think one thing then hit us with another.

    I believe the writers see Jacob & MIB as neither good or evil, but rather based on teh perspective of the person they seem either good and the other evil or vice versea. Look at Sayid. I’m sure he sees MIB as the “good guy” now. He’s promised to resurrect Nadia. Dogen saw Jacob as the “good guy” when he promised to “heal” his son, though the cost was he’d never get to see him again.
    So you may have a point there! Can’t wait to see!

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