I had a what if thought. What if the scene between Jacob and MIb on the beach at the end of season five is also the last scene of this series. 

Bear with me. 

The writers have hinted that we have seen the last scene already. 

Well what if the reason Mib says to Jacob do you have any idea how badly I want to kill you is because he has just been defeated by Jacob and the lostie. 

I also have to mention that I have read theories on other sites that put forth the idea that Jacob and the Mib are one and the same, hence the emphasis on duality, balance, and scales. The dual aspects of good and bad can reside in one person as we saw with Sayid. Eventually this balance within his soul was tilted towards evil by Sayid becomeing infected.

Another point I would make is that Richard implied that his longevity was a product of Jacobs touch and that only a candidate could kill another candidate. This raises numerous questions the two most prevalent in my mind are; John Locke was touched by Jacob, yet he was murdered by Ben Linus. Is Ben a candidate? If not then is the real John Locke alive? 

I posted a theory last week about the spider on John Lockes face before they took him away to be buried. In the last two epsides Nikki and Paulo have been mentioned. Is this some foreshadowing by the writers? 

In each episode of this season we have started with the central character staring at their own reflection. Some theorists have posited that this is a subtle hint about mirror universes and other quantum theories. But what do you see when you look in a mirror. The person you could have been, the person you’d like to be, the person you are? Or do you see a strangers reflection staring back at you?

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17 thoughts on “Reflections.

  1. I think I need to watch the latest episode again because when Richard was talking to Jack about killing himself, I got the impression that Richard couldn’t kill himself but anyone else could kill him (not just a candidate).

    It didn’t dawn on me that only candidates can kill other candidates.

    You bring up an excellent point about Locke, but this theory brings up an even bigger mystery: Why MIB can’t kill Jacob.

    If it’s true that only candidates can kill other candidates, then we can assume that MIB can’t kill Jacob because he was never a candidate, yet Jacob was (at some point in their long lives). And MIB used Ben because Ben was a candidate.

  2. Ilieintheshadow… makes a point about the candidates. But why cant Ben kill widmore for example? Are they both candidates?

    I do agree that Jacob was once a candidate (I posted on another theroy by saying I believe the 108 Wallace on the wall is jacob. because I believe jacob is Aaron and Aarons Dad’s surname was Wallace).

    But I really like your idea about that being the ending. “it always ends the same”. Based on your suggestion, then the humans/free will always beats/cheats Death/Destiny or whatever smokie represents!!!!

    The way the game/events of these time travels plays out is different but the ending is the same ie “everything in between is just progress”. Anyway, I do believe that Lock is still alive as you suggest. just in a coma induced by these spiders.

  3. Wow, I wasn’t aware that the writers said that we’ve already seen the last scene! That’s very interesting….
    Now, I like a lot of what you said here. Two things, though–the scene with Jacob and MIB on the beach was set in the 1850s–when the Black Rock was approaching the island, so that’s kind of confusing timewise. For another Ben already strangled Locke in the hotel room, so why would he be alive on the island in a coma induced by the spider? The writers would have a lot of ‘splaining to do about that! But very good observations!

  4. Folks I’m just assuming that only candidates can kill each other. Emzi if Mib and Jacob were different aspects of the same person then you can’t kill your alter ego without killing yourself. I see the struggle between Mib and Jacob as one mans internal struggle between good and evil and trying to keep a balance between this aspects the way you keep a scale balanced.

  5. I think they have hinted that the last seen was in the pilot or shot when they shot the pilot…

    Yes, I was under the same impression as Emzi, I believe Richard meant that if you were touched by Jacob, you couldn’t be killed. (I don’t think it had anything to do with only a candidate being able to kill a candidate.)

  6. Hi there sinister. I don’t think the last is in the pilot it would look too dated now. As for the candidate thing I’m just taking a guess that it’s one of the rules.

  7. Are we watching the same show? Richard said that when you’ve been touched by Jacob, then you can’t kill yourself. But someone else can kill you. That’s why Richard needed someone to help him with lighting the fuse.

  8. I think he knows now that Jack is. Hence the look on his face when the fuse didn’t go. It was more, I see, there’s more than one candidate this time around or something like that.

  9. Yeah he didn’t know b/c of what Ilie said. He also told Hurley not to believe anything Jacob says. As far as Jacob n MiB being one in the same doesn’t work for me. It could be interesting though.

    When I look in the mirror I see Mr Fabulous!!LOL

  10. “When Jacob touches you, it’s a gift” – but all gifts aren’t the same, so are we SURE all have the ‘can’t kill yourself’ gift?

    Also, didn’t see how no *boom* proved there’s a plan/point. If it did, Jack would have killed himself.

    Then there’s the killing OTHER candidates. Not sure we have that verified anywhere … After all, didn’t Ben kill both Locke AND Jacob?

  11. Well aside from that ep, you also had Jack interrupted on the Bridge and Michael trying numerous times until he was “let go” by the Islans/MIB or whomever.

  12. Maybe once you’ve served your purpose your gift goes away. So once Richard does what Jacob has planned for him maybe we’ll see him rapidly age and be able to pass on or something.

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