Fallen Angels and the LOST Paradise

Please don’t throw rocks if this has been mentioned before. I did sift through many a post, and also did a site search of “Paradise Lost” mentions in this forum just in case. I was kind of surprised that only one mention came up, dated 12 April 2009 regarding theories on what the Smoke Monster is (oh how far we have and haven’t come from those days, hehe). In any case, a literary allusion reminder doesn’t hurt anyone! Hopefully you can bear through it all the way through…

My theory is loosely linked to ideas set forth in Milton’s Paradise Lost. As Johncgs wrote almost a year ago to explain (drawing from the oh-so-handy Wikipedia):

“The poem concerns the Judeo-Christian story of the Fall of Man; the temptation of Adam and Eve by the fallen angel Satan and their expulsion from the Garden of Eden. Milton’s purpose, stated in Book I, is to ‘justify the ways of God to men’ and elucidate the conflict between God’s eternal foresight and free will.”

So we all know that a huge overarching theme of this show is the balance/conflict between free will and destiny… from the beginning we had the opposing figures of Jack (a science man, who reacts to every action) and Locke (a faith man, who is steadfast in his trust of “what the Island wants”). Not to mention the innumerable black/white references.

I recently responded to lostfan108’s comment on foreverpuzzled’s post (can’t quite find that link at the moment), and how I enjoyed the idea of Jacob and MIB being on the same side originally as guardians of the Island and MIB becoming disillusioned for whatever reason.

In Paradise Lost, Satan got super annoyed with being a servant to God, if memory serves me correctly he was the highest of all the angels. But he got sick of being #2 to God, so he rallies some other rebel angels and does his epic Braveheart speech going “It’s better to reign in hell than serve in heaven” and convinces the rebel angels that God didn’t create them– they were born from themselves, so God had no authority over them. Satan and the rebels pretty much wage war on heaven– which results in him and his fellow rebel angels to be expelled to hell. By then, Satan’s just even more disgruntled starts a-schemin’ to wreak havoc on God’s annoying perfection (I mean, you know you always kind of dislike the smartest/fastest/cutest kid in your class, it’s irritating that they KNOW they’re good). He ends up finding God’s little creation, “earth” and sets about messing with the naivete of Adam and Eve.

I want to say that, in this same vein, Jacob and MIB were originally both guardians of the Island and MIB got tired of sharing the limelight– possibly he was Jacob’s #2, and got sick of doing Jacob’s bidding or playing by his rules. MIB thought, “Well wtf, I can be my own boss, have my own world with my own way of doing things, even if it’s not as great as Jacob’s way, i.e. “It’s better to reign in hell than serve in heaven”. So he starts a-schemin’ to himself… and he just has to find this darned loophole in the rules. And perhaps recruit some people for his war.

It’s important to note that Milton, though he took strongly from Judeo-Christian traditions, also examined other texts that are akin to the books of the Bible/Torah but were eventually deemed non-canonical in both religions. One of these is the Book of Enoch, which offers a version of the fallen angel story in the Book of Watchers. I’m not super keen on apocryphal texts, so I’ll just have to quote what I found on the internet (def jump in regarding these texts if you’re familiar with them):

Michael, Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel appeal to God to judge the inhabitants of the world and the fallen angels. Uriel is then sent by God to tell Noah of the coming apocalypse and what he needs to do.

“Then said the Most High, the Holy and Great One spoke, and sent Uriel to the son of Lamech, and said to him: Go to Noah and tell him in my name “Hide thyself!” and reveal to him the end that is approaching: that the whole earth will be destroyed, and a deluge is about to come upon the whole earth, and will destroy all that is on it. And now instruct him that he may escape and his seed may be preserved for all the generations of the world.”

Note: Traditionally, Michael is a warrior, Raphael is a healer and Gabriel is a messenger. I don’t ever remember what Uriel does traditionally, but in Paradise Lost, Uriel accidentally shows Satan where earth is… which results in Satan getting there and doing his whole temptation bit on Adam and Eve/wreaking some havoc on the world.

I find this reference very interesting– the deluge referred to in the Book of Enoch quote above is referring to the flood in the story of Noah’s ark, but parallels can be drawn to the image of the submerged Island. Somewhere in that entry is also a reference to a coming war and the apocalypse. One of the most telling lines in Lost (at least to me) comes from Widmore to Locke/Bentham “There is a war coming, and if you’re not back on the Island when it starts, the wrong side is going to win.”

I’ve been aching for ages wondering what this war might be like (if you’ve read my other crazy posts where I refer to Narnia and Harry Potter, you know I’m big on this war idea), and now we’re seeing the two sides being built– lines drawn, things as black and white as ever.

In any case, I’m surely not refuting any sort of idea that the writers are drawing heavily from the ideas of reincarnation and all that… I’m coming from the school of thought that both western and eastern philosophies, along with the balance of yin/yang, natural science and animism, are informing the writers’ treatment of the spiritual side of this Island. I think my thoughts could work in tandem with any number of theories… just haven’t been able to align it specifically and continue it further, but I hope to flesh it out much better very soon. Just need to hash it out more in my head, and PL seems to inform a lot of my ideas. I want to stop here before I ramble incoherently further…

Thoughts, comments, concerns?

P.S. So many thanks to all the folks whose comments or theories nudged this connection into my head… I wish I could remember every post I read to credit you for any spark you might have made.

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SUPERFLUOUS THEORIES: 1) "Uh-oh," said by Miles, is the biggest answer we'll get. 2) Last scene is Vincent opening his eye from his dog nap. 3) Series spin-offs will include "Hurley and the Search for the Last Cheese Curd" and a Lifetime Original Movie "Run Away and Blow Up The Stepfather Who Turned Out to Be Your Dad: The Kate Austen Story".

9 thoughts on “Fallen Angels and the LOST Paradise

  1. In the eyes of Satan, He might as well be.
    I like this idea somewhat. According to a stricly Biblical account (as in, ignoring noncannonical sources), though, Satan didn’t get to earth due to a mistake, but was cast there with some of his rebels until Judgement Day, while others went to Hell immediately.

  2. stone: Why yes, I guess I am. 🙂

    JOSHcgs: Oh my, somehow my mind meshed your icon and your username. And no problem, thanks for the spark of thought!

    Mixen Dixon: Hmm, I’ll have to look into the strictly Biblical account (I wish the years of Catholic school would kick in right now). That’s a good point, I’ll have to ponder further. Thanks for pointing it out!

    In any case, after I view the next episode, if I get more clues, I’ll hopefully be in a position to insert this “fallen angels” idea into a bigger theory that takes more factors into account. I think this def goes along with all the “MIB was the original candidate” theories in other threads…

  3. I came across while researching Uriel for you,
    “God created 3 Archangels (Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer) to administer the government of God throughout the Angelic Realm. Each was perfectly crafted and were allowed to walk among the stones of fire and to enter any reality found among the Infinities.
    God gave great power and authority to the three Archangels and they were created to reflect majesty and beauty. The one God created as the being of the greatest light and brilliance was Lucifer. Lucifer pleased God because Lucifer searched the Infinities diligently seeking the jewels of reality. God created all possibilities but until they are observed they are unmanifested. The Angels became Gods instruments of Awareness, peering into the infinite possibilities and manifesting realities. Many beautiful realities did Lucifer bring before the throne of the Eternal. His awareness was sharp and keen and Lucifer found many splendors hidden in the infinite possibilities God had set into motion.

    Then came the time when God brought forth the greatest jewel of all. God created the Infinities containing the Physical Realm where the possibility of life existed. Thus began the Game of Angels. For it was in this new and beautiful expanse, we call the heavens, that God had placed a new and wonderful jewel. A world where life was growing and changing. The search for the Jewel of God had begun.”

  4. I dont know if that helps, let me know, Uriel is a tricky subject, if thought canon when it comes to Lost is confusing the Bible is way more tricky, especially around the time Paradise Lost was written, as with all great books of the past the key to the tone is understanding the allusions, contemporaries of the time and historical cannotation

  5. Right on, cocoadoll! Thanks for bringing that knowledge into the mix… I’ll have to marinate further and see how it all connects to the show as it’s been developing lately.

    “Thus began the Game of Angels. For it was in this new and beautiful expanse, we call the heavens, that God had placed a new and wonderful jewel. A world where life was growing and changing. The search for the Jewel of God had begun.” — That part at the end! That’s my fave.

    Let’s guess for fun…
    Who do you think corresponds to which Arcangel in this trio?

    I’ll take a stab in the dark:

    As for the other angels…
    RAPHAEL = JACK (both healers)
    URIEL = DESMOND (key to Island)

    In which case… the ultimate entity or God-figure = the Island. 😉

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