Where’s Jack’s Baby Mama?!

Ugh! Okay, I know this debate has been ongoing in other threads re: David’s mom. It’s gotta be someone like Juliet or Libby… someone who would be a shocker, because why would they prolong the reveal?

(Do we have any takers for Cindy as the mom? I kid, I kid.)

I don’t even really care if this is super important info to the rest of Lost… at this point, I just want to know: Who is Jack’s Baby Mama?

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SUPERFLUOUS THEORIES: 1) "Uh-oh," said by Miles, is the biggest answer we'll get. 2) Last scene is Vincent opening his eye from his dog nap. 3) Series spin-offs will include "Hurley and the Search for the Last Cheese Curd" and a Lifetime Original Movie "Run Away and Blow Up The Stepfather Who Turned Out to Be Your Dad: The Kate Austen Story".

6 thoughts on “Where’s Jack’s Baby Mama?!

  1. Yeah, you should browse around the other threads since this had been talked about many many times.

    I’m rooting for Juliet though, goin dutch and getting coffee that night.

  2. Whoever it is, she must be old enough to have a teenage son. I’ve heard some crazy theories that it could be Kate, but if it was her she would’ve had him when she was a teenager herself. Not impossible, but not likely.

    It could be Sarah, they could’ve met earlier on in their lives, got married and had a son together.

  3. I agree that Kate doesn’t seem likely due to her age – I was kinda’ rooting for her until I did that calculation. The corkboard in David’s bedroom has a picture of a blonde woman – could be Juliet, but Libby was also a blonde at the time she gave Desmond the boat, and her dead husband’s name was David. It seems like it should be someone we know…but maybe they’ll go off the board(?).

  4. i’m going with Juliet, david has super super blue eyes (the kid couldve been cast cuz he does look like jack but i think they purposely cast someone with super bright blue eyes). jack has brown eyes, sarah has green and kate has green/hazel, who has really really bule eyes? JULIET. i think it’s def going to be important who the mother is because if it wasnt they wouldve shown her already.

  5. Well we know its not Kate simply because they bumped into eachother on the plane..

    Yeahh Juliet did have bright eyes but then again libbys were bright green.. Maybe its Annie – Bens childhood friend.. That would be a twist!

  6. cliff87: Haha yes, yes… just needed to vent my frustrations in a way… though a Theories site is no place for such things, this is the only LOST site I visit.

    obsessedWlost: I’m 90% down for Juliet because of the blue eyes– I mean, it could be a recessive gene in any person, but they focused on his eyes a bajillion times. That kid has a ridiculously intense stare, by the way. Rather… dark, no? 😉

    SawyersGirl: That WOULD be a twist. I’m kinda hoping they don’t try to tie in/explain Annie unless they have an amazing reason. We have bigger fish to fry!

    Mixen Dixon: I gave up on Sarah, only because that would be so anti-climactic and they’ve prolonged this reveal. But, you’re right, the logic makes sense the most for her… friend said to me about this: Jack’s always wanting to fix things, I could see him failing to fix Sarah completely and then attempting to fix things with a baby.

    Others: Hehe, didn’t mean to actually stir up the debate in a new thread, though I guess I should’ve categorized this in FUN rather than QUESTIONS :X

    Thanks for indulging me, though!

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