Eloise to Des: “The island isn’t finished with you yet.”

Remember in the off-island Dharma station where Eloise Hawking takes Jack, Sun, Ben and Desmond to show them how the DI can predict where the island will be? Well, Desmond delivered Daniel Faraday’s message to his mother, and when she told him that the island wasn’t done with him yet, he stormed off saying, “Well, I’m done with the island!”

Somehow, I believe Eloise…Desmond can’t have a normal life just yet… So far, however, we haven’t seen Desmond get back to the island or do anything island-ish… Anybody have ideas on how Desmond might have his story woven back into the picture? Perhaps involving Penny? I know some people think he’s locked in the room on Widmore’s submarine. What could he be up to off-island?

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I started watching Lost just this year and caught up on all the previous 5 seasons in three's amazing, and I really love shows/movies involving time travel!

14 thoughts on “Eloise to Des: “The island isn’t finished with you yet.”

  1. Great post, monini. You may be a tad new, but I love almost all of your theories whether I agree with them or not so far! 🙂

    Anyway, YES! Well, I guess no one read it or cared about it but here’s a post I wrote a few weeks back about my theory that Desmond is 108:

    Lots of holes and speculation, but whether or not he is this #108 candidate (if that candidate is significant or if that is just a hint of sorts), is no longer the real issue at hand for me.

    I really believe Des is a key, a failsafe key himself if you will, someone who can change the course of events because he has become a constant to these characters.

    I think Widmore may have Des behind that locked door. It’s the reason he’s tried so hard to get rid of Des, but somehow the Island– or fate or destiny or whatever– has been pushing Des to become further connected to the Island (i.e. falling in love with Penny, meeting Libby, crashing on the Island and meeting DHARMA and the 815 survivors…)

    I also think that Eloise is in on it, that’s why she basically told Des he couldn’t change the past, “Whatever happened, happened” idea– when perhaps, maybe he actually could. Faraday is a sort of constant in all of this as well– perhaps the reason for the introduction of Charlotte in the alt-timeline?– but where he fits in right now, if at all, I’m not sure.

  2. Adayafar-I read your theory from the link you posted but I just dont think that will be him, haha I thought it was funny that you thought that because of the last name Wallace.

    I understand how Important Desmond is but really how important is 108? or all the other random numbers on there. I think the significant numbers as well as the significant canditates are all the numbers we know & love (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42)

    I know all those numbers added together makes up 108 but I just dont think its significant enough.

    An I feel the only reason John Locke was given the name Jeremy Bentham was just because Widmore gave him that identity so he can travel around and not have any troubles because he is supposed to be dead somewhere from flight 815, an the writers used it for dramatic effect by not telling us his name and making it a mystery only to find out its really Locke.

  3. @Monini-Ah that is a tough question because we already know Desmond still cares about the well being of the people still on the Island but he has made ot quite clear that he will never return to the Island when he is talking with Penny before he travels to see Eloise.

    If Desmond is to come then it will be against his will for sure & that box idea isnt so bad since Desmond & Widmore have an extensive history together.

    To answer your question of what he is doing off Island is a tough one as well but what would you do if you were just shot & a bug eyed man was pointing a gun at the love of your life along with your child?

    I would get the hell out of there quickly and go hide his family but Desmond could of went to Widmore sometime or maybe he is just still in hiding.

    Maybe Widmore found out about Little Charlie & took him or something on the Island but really how cruel would that be? That would make Desmond return for sure & Desmond does have a sailboat so maybe he comes on his own.

  4. @adayafar-I know it seems Desmond can change the past but does he really?

    He had the chance to change it but he doesnt, maybe Eloise told him exactly what he needed to hear which she did because she played him like a fool because she conned him to make the mistakes himself, even after Eloise tells him about his important future to come he still thinks he can change it all but we know he just did the same exact thing he did the first time which was to take that picture with Penny then break up with her & throw the ring in the ocean.

    We have also seen Desmond try to change Charlie’s future but he just cant.

  5. Interestingly, Henry Ian Cusick, the actor who acts the part of Desmond, is always shown in the initial credits in all episodes of Season 6 so far. This means that he should be important in this season.

  6. They need to reintroduce Desmond to the island fast cause they are running out of time. Which is why I think it just may be Desmond locked on the sub. Ive always thought that Widmore helped pushed Desmond to the island because he knows he is supposed to be there. If Desmond doesnt go to the island, then the Losties dont crash. I think Widmore bought him back because he think he is still a tool for the good guys. Which would mean (gulp) that Widmore may just be a good guy himself.

  7. You guys!!! I posted a reply, and it just got deleted because it said I wasn’t logged in, except that I WAS. UFF!! Oh well, I’ll summarize:

    I don’t think Desmond is on Widmore’s boat because everyone else Sike, I think that what IS in that locked room is a weapon to fight smokey. We know sonar fences don’t kill him, just keep him out. We know guns don’t work. We know knives don’t work. Widmore came to the middle of a war, and he’s not stupid enough to come unprepared. Whatever is in that room is a weapon to kill smokey!

    As for where Desmond is, I would think about it except I got an idea for another theory! But really, I have no idea about Desmond…he was stuck on the island for 3 years pushing a button. If I were him I would never go back.

    But if he does and it’s not involved with Widmore, I bet he needs Eloise Hawking’s help, b/c apparently she has a station made just for finding the island (how convenient)… I don’t think he can just hop on a boat and get there without “directions” because the first time he got caught in a storm and it was an accident.

    But of course the island always gets whoever it wants (i.e. Lapidus) so you never know.

    I guess we’ll have to wait it out and see!!!

  8. monini: I still think it is Desmond. I posted on my first theory earlier that I think Eloise told Widmore Desmond’s significance (the title of this theory) and Widmore decided Desmond was necessary to bring so he captured him while he was in recovery from his gunshot wound.

  9. JohnLockeLives: See, I was under the impression Widmore and Hawking didn’t talk anymore, because then why the hell would WIdmore have taken so long to find the island? She had an entire station set up to predict its location, yet Widmore never used her knowledge/predictions? I find that hard to believe. This made me think they have a cold war going on between them, where they don’t talk or associate anymore. So then how would Hawking have told Widmore he’s vital to the island?

  10. Interestingly enough, Henry Ian Cusack (Desmond’s actor) is credited at the start of the each episodes, with each other main character of this season. He must certainly make an appearance soon. Even more interesting, is that Sonya Walger (Penny) is not present on the cast list.

  11. By the way, have any of you noticed Desmond is not in the picture of the cast? I’m talking about the “Final Supper” imitation picture (also shown on Lost’s official webpage)… interesting, huh?

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