This is all we will get to know about the Island

I just watched 6×09 “Ab Aeterno”. We now know approximately what Jacob and MIB/Smokey/Flocke want and something about the function of the Island. I guess none of it came as a huge surprise to those of us who have followed the series.

My theory is that we will never ever really get to know anything more substantial about Jacob, MIB and the Island.

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27 thoughts on “This is all we will get to know about the Island

  1. I didn’t go into detail since someone (stupid, stupid person) might be checking out this forum right before watching the episode in question.

  2. ilieintheshadowoftheblackrockfearingstatue, what exactly makes you think that? Sure, the island is holding MIB, but we still really don’t know how he came to be the way he is in terms of, ya know, being smoke. This is something I’m sure we’ll learn before the end.

    Also, how is this island’s properties relating to either of them? The insane amount of energy has a source and a function of some kind. How can Jacob say to someone “You’re not ever going to die” and be right about it?

    I have the feeling that if you’re right, and we don’t learn anything else about anyone……well, I don’t want to even think about it.

  3. You really dont think that we will go further back?

    Im sure we will see a Jacob/MIB flashback…most likely involving them or one of them as children and their mother(s)…

    With all the on island daddy issues, I wouldnt be surprised if we learn a little something about a ‘father’ either…

  4. I sure hope I am wrong. But if I’m right, at least I can comfort myself with that!

    I have to say that Jacob and MIB appeared disturbingly like a god and a devil. Like the Abrahamic God, Jacob has his grand master plan and his mysterious ways and touches and doesn’t what to intervene directly but prefers to have Richard as his prophet.

  5. I thought it was extremely odd for Jacob to say “No one goes in there unless I invite them.”

    Just how holy does this guy think he is? Or is there another reason for him to say that? Did he invite MIB and Ben?

  6. I dont think we will find out more about why the island has its powers. We dont need to know what about Hell makes people be tormented for enternity, or what makes Heaven so cool, do we? We will however find out what makes Flocke so evil, and why Jacob had the job he had. And maybe what Smokey is referring to as “home” and how he ended up stranded.

    Anyone else get the feeling that the MiB body we see him in may not be his real form either. He seemed to be very child like when Jacob says that someone will replace him if Smokey finds a way to kill him, he says back, “well then I’ll kill him too!” I think he may be childlike sometimes in the mind, like when he was using Locke’s dont tell me what I cant do line. He may just turn out to be the Devil’s son Damien. I think that maybe why we havent ever heard his name muttered and why his mother might have been crazy…..

  7. I’m wondering about Jacob actually. If it wasn’t for his “I think people are great, I love fine tapestries and choices” mentality, I don’t think I’d trust him much.

  8. Now when we know that Richard saw an apparition of his dead wife, it is interesting to think of his comment to Flocke, something along the following lines: “I’ve seen many things on this island, things I can barely describe, but I’ve never seen someone dead come back to life”. Why didn’t Richard react earlier to the resurrected Locke?

  9. As for Jacobs saying “No one comes in unless I invite them” I believe that this is just proof that Jacob allowed Ben and MIB to come in to kill him. We all thought Jacob had something up his sleeve when Ben shanked him but him saying that one line to me is definitive evidence. As we saw Jacob talking to Ilana in the beginning of the episode he tells her to protect the 6 remaining candidates so while MIB had his whole time travel loophole thing going on Jacob was aware and plotting his own scheme all the while.

  10. LockeItUp..I agree that Jacob’s line was likely a clue with regards to Ben and MIB’s malintentioned visit to the Foot lair. Indeed, no one seems to come to the island itself unless they are invited by Jacob. Even Widmore’s recent arrival may have been preordained,,”Someone is coming to the island, and I need you to help him get here” said Jacob to Hurley a few weeks back, right? Jacob seems to be able to influence the outcome of events at least somewhat more successfully than MIB, though MIB is obviously making his final(?) power play in a bid to escape the island. What Jacob has up his sleeve is anyone’s guess, but I have a feeling it will be a mind blower.

  11. AES (re: comment #6) – Great minds… I said it too. 🙂 Now just on to what it meant! Baptism usually goes along with repentance – turning from one way to another – so there you have it… And even though Jacob said he couldn’t absolve Richard from his sins, the act of baptism usually has that connotation. Bonus scene full of metaphors to appreciate with that one!

    Anyway, I was thinking about the comment about dead people coming back to life, too…and I tend to think that in the time that has passed between Richard’s apparition of his wife and MIB’s appearance on island as Locke, that Richard has come to accept and understand that the vision of his wife wasn’t really her.

    That episode was worthy of a rewind every 5 minutes…

  12. omg how insane was tonights episode! without giving anything away… when richard said what he said to the peeps at the campfire i gasped so loud my friend in the other room thought something happened to me haha. although i dont think he is right, i just think that’s his interpretation of the island based on his background. i do wish that richard’s character was different than what he turned out to be, i’ve always thought of him as this strong powerful man and basically he’s just a little pussy.

    aes – so dead on with the baptism thing, didnt even cross my mind until you said it but you are so right.

    also how can a wooden ship crash down a huge stone statue and remain totally intact? (sorry if that counts as a spoiler to people but really it’s not important i assure you)

    i have more to say but in the name of not giving out spoilers, ill wait till friday i guess, or whenever my theories decide to appear on the site

  13. AES: I sure hope we go further back and get a glimpse of MIB/Jacob’s origins. Great pointing out that baptism moment.

    Still not convinced as to which side MIB or Jacob play for… they were portrayed in very interesting ways.

    obsessed: Yes, that moment you’re talking about… I practically jumped off my seat. But yeah, I agree and also think they made it as though Richard just had that interpretation of his situation… I could almost feel the writers giving us a big *wink* haha…

    As for the crash of the Black Rock… we’ve all seen the Island do “mysterious things”. I mean, it’s like an old school Oceanic 815– how was it possible that people survive unscathed from something like that? I hope my theory goes up as well! Rawr.

    I thought seeing Richard’s back story was very interesting. I don’t necessarily see him as a pussy– in a weird way he reminds me of Sun and her willingness to do whatever it takes… well I’ll stop here.

    Everyone: How amazing was MIB’s comment to Richard that we heard before as Flocke? “Nice to see you out of those chains.” Also, did anyone else note that the same instructions MIB gives to Richard along with the sword are the same ones Dogen gave to Sayid? Thoughts?

    Okay. Stopping here.

  14. Kimberly, that was my point – why didn’t Richard get that Flocke was not a Resurrected Locke, just like Fwife was not Resurrected Wife.

  15. Alright, returning to my “theory”… I’ll be fairly satisfied with the show as long as I get a reasonable explanation for all this talk about rules on the show.

  16. man what a great effing episode. ricardo! I also believe that we will get more on the triumvirate of jacob, smokey and the island.

    found it weird that the ship broke the statue, but perhaps the huuuge wave helped as well.

    did anyone else notice that his feet were not chained? why was he trying to grab that metal pin with his mouth when he coulda used his feet?

    Ricardos a few books short of a full bible if you ask me.

  17. ilie .. your #9 comment is gonna annoy the HELL out of me!

    Eko – when he was trying to grab the nail with his mouth i actually started shouting at my laptop (im in the UK and watch it online) telling him to use his effin feet!

    Does anyone know whos the centric character in the next ep?

  18. SawyersGirl: It’s called The Package. I am really hoping it’s a Sun/Jin episode (and that was somewhat implied at the end of the show), but I don’t want to Google promo pics in case I come across anything that spoils. 😉

    I guess no one has any thoughts on the end of my #14 question… but I guess it’s a bit off-topic.

    Apologies, iLie! My posts never come up!

  19. ilie… Here is what I’m thinking about Richard. He obviously learned and experienced a lot in the time between the vision of his wife and when FLocke appears again on island.

    In 1954, Richard saw the very same John Locke walk into the Others camp and declare that he is their leader and that Jacob sent him. He also saw him completely disappear before his eyes during a flash. He also had the whole “you need to die” conversation… along with giving him the compass.

    This was all before he found out that “Locke” (to him at that point) was dead.

    So when he learns that Locke did die and is now among everyone again (not just appearing to one person) it seems like a completely different context than his wife’s appearance to him. He had all of these other things to account for in trying to figure out what was going on with the not dead John Locke.

    At least that is my take on it. Doesn’t mean that it’s right, but it just seems different than his wife’s quick appearance with approximately 140 years worth of “island-life” in between.

  20. Richard saw MIB disappear in about 2 microseconds as well – there is yet another similarity between MIB and the mysteriously appearing Locke in the 50s.

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