Ben and The Smoke Monster

Written 22nd March

Maybe this has been mentioned, but do you remember when the soldiers killed Alex in front of Ben?
Well just before this, Ben picked up the phone and apparently summoned the smoke monster, and stated it was a security system! yet he now (Season6) seems to not know who or what the smoke monster is……any thoughts????

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2 thoughts on “Ben and The Smoke Monster

  1. He also claimed to take orders from Jacob and blah blah blah… Basically.. Bens just a crazy liar!

    But then how could he summon smokey because the sonic fence was on most of the time.. So when would he have gotten a chance to find out there is a smoke monster? Hmmmm

  2. Maybe ben just shut off the sonar fence as a kind of fail safe knowing that its either certain death by keamy or possible death with mib. Not sure how the draining water corrilates.

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