The Food Drop in 2004 ish

Written 22nd March

If the Dharma project ended in the late 70’s after the purge.
Why would they continue to drop food????

Just came to me…any thoughts?

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3 thoughts on “The Food Drop in 2004 ish

  1. I posed the exact same question to my workmates the other day.. and no one could think of an answer. Does anyone out there have any theories? I might do a search of the site to see if this question has been asked before..

  2. Been re thinking this and have come up with 2 possiblities;
    1) the time delay (like faradays experiment) is causing the food to drop very late or multiple times – maybe it’s the same drop each time!
    2) Ben and the others who are posing as the Dharma folks are still sending requests and the Dharma bosses think there experiment is still doing strong!

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