Widmore and Hawkins originate on the BLACK ROCK

Written 22nd March

The BLACK ROCK is from Portsmouth England (a great place to live may i add! yes I live there!)
Widmore and Hawkins speak very good English accents

Widmore is obsessed with the BLACK ROCK, HAWKINS and WIDMORE were an item…= Daniel
I think they came from the BLACK ROCK and RICHARD did not.

If you remember the Agera (wrong spelling I know) flight people who carried Lockes body to the statue, asked for RICARDOS

RICARDOS is not a common name in England, especially hundreds of years ago, not to mention that around that time the slave trade collected from Africa, Richard is clearly a white male!

Richards position with young Widmore and Hawkins was that of when Ben was the leader.
And, only Richard could go and see Jacob. meaning to me he is the oldest most trusted to Jacob.

I think Richard does not age because he always returns to the island when he leaves briefly. The island keeps him young and healthy.

I think all those candidates ‘touched’ be Jacob cannot die, but can age off the island then die of old age.
Which is how WIDMORE and HAWKINS have aged!
Hence the reason WIDMORE desparately wants to return before its too late and wants to take over from Jacob, but he clearly was a failed candidate and got banished! like Ben.
I think Ben failed as a candidate which is why he got a tumour on his spine!

I think that we are being made to think Richard came from the BLACK ROCK and the twist will be WIDMORE/HAWKINS!

Richard/Ricardos is much older – he looks almost Egyptian! – coincidentally the ancient ruins etc have Egyptian references pos a clue to Richards age!…..

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