There are 2 Smoke Monsters!!

Written 22nd March

Fact – Season 1, Locke came face to face with the Monster! It did not attack him.
From that point on, Locke was filled with faith.

Fact – The next time Locke saw the Monster (i think he was with jack and kate pos Mr Echo) everyone ran in fear, but Locke confident having met it before said “its ok” and approached it. The Monster then attack him and tried dragging him under ground! Locke looked completely shocked and confused.

Ben has refered to the monster as a ‘security system’ which protects the island. Ben even called it when the soldiers attacked! Yet the FLocke Smokie he seemed to not understand or know who or what it was.

So my theory is this.

Jacob can take the form of the Smoke Monster – as protector of the island.
MIB as we know takes the form of the Smoke Monster – but i think looks grey! not black like in previous seasons.

Perhaps the pillars of smoke are there spirits????

I think that early in Season 1 when Locke came face to face with Smokie(MIB) it saw the potential in Locke – the faith etc… and his plan began.

When Smokie(Jacob) saw Locke he tried to take him to prevent MIBs plan!

Or the Black Smoke Monster is the Cerberus protector on Jacobs side – therefore identifying that Smokie(MIB) had chosen Locke.

What y’all think!!?

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5 thoughts on “There are 2 Smoke Monsters!!

  1. In the first season the smoke monster was so interested in locke was because he saw this mysteryman come out of the jungle in the 50’s and proclame he is the others leader and jacob sent him.

    MIB figures if he can posess Lockes body and become the new leader of the others he would be able to get close enough to Jacob and have him killed.

    MIB came up with his loophole in the 50’s and when Locke came to the island, the MIB did everything he can to get to him.

    Read my Lockes Journey theory- its long but its all right there. The story of Locke and Eko is great

  2. Is it also true that there are 2 pocket of energy on the island? Or is it only one which the nuke/dharma etc unleashed in the incident?

    If there are 2 pockets of energy, and there are these black and white elements, perhaps this further supports your theory (2 energy sources). But its still a long shot no? Did anyone else notice all hte crazy, sparkling and electrical charges within the monster that scanned Richard and let him live?

  3. From the attacks i can think of, to me it seems that when you find peace within yourself or some sort of redemption, thats when he kills you.

    Like Eko for example, the first time he came face to face with it nothing happened.. But he still seemed quite (looking for a better word) dead inside.

    The second time they meet though, Eko has found inner peace, stating that all the sins he committed have been forgiven and he only did what he could to make do with the life he was given (or something along those lines). Then smokey kills him.

    It seems smokey is killing all those that find redemption to keep trying to prove Jacob wrong..

  4. SawyersGirl, I’ve heard this idea many times before – that Smokey kills you when you have found inner peace or something along those lines – and it always seems that Eko is the only example supporting it.

    Had the Black Rock slave traders also found inner peace when they crashed on the Island and were slaughtered by Smokey?

    To me it seems more reasonable to state the opposite – that Smokey kills the “evil-doers”. But I don’t think that is consistent either.

  5. ilie – i did have another example which i was going to write down along with the Eko one but i reeeeally cant remember what it was! So when it comes back il be sure to post it 😉

    Ooo but i guess after the latest episode Richard could be used as an example.

    He murdered someone (though accidentally) and was internally suffering with it.. Smokey scans him, sees his sins and decides to let him live because he thinks he can use him against Jacob.

    Not the best example i know but its still partially one anyway 🙂

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