Desmond’s Ring

Wasn’t Desmond wearing a wedding ring back in LA X?

I am 99.9% sure that he was. “Happily Ever After” emphasized Des’ singleness in all of the leading up to ‘remembering’ Penny. Desmond from tonight’s episode was very ringless. There is no way it’s a continuity error.

So the Desmond that is on Flight 815 in “LA X” is…


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31 thoughts on “Desmond’s Ring

  1. Ok…for about a second you see Desmonds left hand when he stands up to let Jack into his seat…and yes…he is wearing a wedding ring…good catch Kim!

    PS…they seemed to almost deliberately try and show his left hand as little as possible…watch the scene…its weird…

  2. This is nuts, this is nuts… ahhh! Your eyes are crazy-amazing! You must watch less TV than most. 😉 Hehe…

    They’ve called out his ring so many times– this CAN’T be a continuity error, you’re right.

  3. oh my gosh how do you notice these things!!! really good call thou! if it was just a continuity error they wouldnt have made is such a huge point that he was single in tonights episode. as far as what that means, i have no freakin clue! i get more confused with each episode

  4. Damn… eyes of an eagle!

    You’re absolutely right. This reinforces a the idea that we’ve been watching scenes of what happens after the end of lost all along.

    Perhaps this scene from LAX isn’t exactly a prequel to the one in Happily Ever After in the alternative timeline but yet another parallel timeline where the island is finished with Desmond and and things are now balanced and he is finally married with Penny.

    I bet that with todays episode we will see Desmond convincing every single of the losties that they need to change their lives. And this will go hand in hand with the death of every single person on the island.

    In the end we will probably see all the losties returning to island do finish MIB for once and for all.

    I don’t know… but it’s looking like that.

  5. I was thinking about this idea and discussing it with one of my friends and it really seems like Lost just made a slight error.
    Two reasons: First when Desmond speaks to Jack in the hospital, how does he know Jack is on the flight if it is a different desmond then the one in the alt. timeline?

    Second: On the flight, if the Desmond with the ring is on the flight, how does he seem to not really know who jack is. Unless he is playing it off it just seems a little fishy.

    However, if this is in fact correct i applaud you on seeing this.

  6. When I saw the ring in LA X, I thought that maybe Desmond still married Penny or possibly Ruth. So, I was a bit surprised to see him ringless and hear that he was single. I don’t think it’s an error either…

    Also, did anyone else notice that the drop screen marina picture that Penny and Desmond had done in England in the original timeline, is the same exact marina that Desmond crashes his car into in the new timeline? Thought it was a nice touch.

  7. They made sure we saw the marina elsewhere, kind of lingered on it for a second.

    That is really amazing that you caught Desmond wearing a ring in LA X, Kim. Rings have sure been important. What do you think the significance is? No rings on Jin and Sun. Was Charlie wearing his DS ring?

  8. good point Roland, a lack of rings…perhaps this is a clue that in the alt timeline, they have broken the timeloop that existed in the normal timeline. no more loop, no more rings.

  9. It seems like the alt timeline is like a dream for the losties. You know in a dream how you’re vaguely aware of reality, like if the phone rings in reality your mind works it into the dream you’re having – I think that’s what we’re seeing.

    If that’s the case, maybe we’re seing everyones dreams, and Desmond had a ring on in LA X because that was Jack’s dream, and he’s not wearing it in the latest episode because that is Desmond’s dream…?

  10. Lostin Locke: I, too, am perplexed about the scene with Jack and Desmond at the hospital where Jack remembers Desmond’s name. But remember what Desmond said on the plane, “Nice to meet you, Jack…or to see you again.”

    I know this was played off like a deja vu like moment and Desmond was going along with it and joking around with Jack, but nonetheless… this “moment” for Desmond on the plane and the way he responded was very different than how he responded to all of Charlie’s (and Eloise’s, and Daniel’s) hints at ‘another life’ type of scenario going on.

    I can’t figure out how the hospital interaction would work out if that airplane scene was a ‘different’ Desmond , but I can’t let the ring thing go as simple continuity error.

    Especially since it was RIGHT AFTER Jack’s neck was randomly bleeding.

  11. Before I read this post I was thinking that the Desmond on the plan was a “different” Desmond because of the way that they showed the clouds right before they showed him checking the flight board. It seemed very dream sequence like as they panned down to him. Also, he seemed disoriented as to what flight he was just on which is why Hurley had to remind him. Now that you point that out it makes more sense.

  12. Roland, I agree that rings have been super important. It really did start with LA X this season (Desmond’s ring, none on Sun) but then it became more obvious in What Kate Does and the episodes since.

    I think the rings and shackles – images of connectedness, being bound to something/someone, and yes, even a timeloop – have been part of nearly every episode.

    eko, I think your take on this ‘lack of ring’ is an interesting interpretation of the meaning. I think it’s possible that all of the imagery can have dual meanings, so how it relates to the timelines is going to be really important. For now, I’ve been content to observe the impact on the character and their relationships with each other and the island.

    Off the top of my head…

    We’ve seen Kate, Ben, Richard all become free from handcuffs, a makeshift shackle and a real shackle.

    We’ve seen Sun without a ring, Sawyer throw out Juliet’s engagement ring, Des with and without a ring, and Jin’s ring (still not re-united with him & Sun).

    I’m sure there is plenty more, but again, the point is the circular image with rings and cuffs has been all over the place. Definite meaning there.

  13. Like everyone else has stated, good catch Kimberly…..

    Imagine being there when they were about to film the airplane scene for LA X. Wouldn’t Des say something like “Is it okay for me to have this ring on?” Or someone would say, “Here, put this wedding ring on.” They wouldn’t just ignore his hand, or simply not be specific with what people were wearing

    What I’m saying is, it’s way too obvious of a thing to have just slip through onto camera if it wasn’t intended. It would be beyond a continuity error, it would be extremely sloppy direction/editing. They knew trillions upon trillions of people would be watching LA X. So I sure whatever we saw in that episode, we were meant to see….. Unless we’re dealing with an extremely sloppy crew, which I doubt.

  14. That would be a crazy big continuity error. I can’t find a confirmation that it is though. I see on Lostpedia where they say it’s a mistake but they came to that conclusion based on what they saw in Happily Ever After. Has anyone from the show declared it an error?

  15. Yeah, it’s there and it’s on Lostpedia… It’s on other fan created Lost sites as well… but they all know just as much about Lost as you and I do. I’m not saying it isn’t a continuity error but it’s not really confirmed that it is until someone from the production team says it is.

  16. Another point made in the comment section on DarkUFO… Desmond is also wearing different clothes between the two episodes and he has different levels of facial scruff…

  17. That may be a continuity error but rings have been very prominent in the show for a long time. The lack of rings saying the loop (if there ever was one) has been broken. Or they are not unified as they have been before?

  18. I have a hard time just accepting a continuity error when in the case of Sun, they specifically left her ring off. It’s not worth debating I suppose, but I have to agree with Highbrow that until it is declared by the producers an error, then it still leaves the door open. Casual fans have observed a continuity error in that Jack didn’t have a son in the ‘island’ timeline. 😉 JUST KIDDING. (Kind of.)

    Ultimately the bigger picture is obviously Des’ role in rectifying these two timelines and two ‘versions’ of the characters and their lives. And yes, overall, rings and images of anything that binds one person to another or to a situation have been very significant because of what they represent.

  19. ilie…nice. 🙂

    Speaking of Widmore…

    The ring isn’t necessarily the most important, most amazing thing that jumped out last night. The episode was so well written, with so many double-meanings in 90% of the statements between characters.

    So back to the Widmore family. (Yes, a complete tangent away from the One Ring…)

    Sideways WIdmore and Sideways Eloise are very intriguing.

    Eloise knows what is going on, while Widmore does not. How significant is that? Especially if the incident that caused the Sideways timeline was started by the bomb explosion in ’77.

    Does it mean that Eloise survived the explosion, made it off island (with Daniel’s journal?), found Widmore, married him, accepted that he had another child with another woman, had Daniel, let him pursue music this time around, and ended up in Sidewaysland as the Eloise who has knowledge and existance in both timelines? All while keeping Widmore in the dark about Desmond but knowing full well all about Desmond…? I have no idea.

    All I know is that Eloise became very interesting AGAIN last night.

  20. If the ring issue really is just an error on part of the crew, than what is most interesting is how Des behaved at the end of the episode. He seemed very strange. Did he agree to help Widmore because he knew Sayid would be waiting for him in the jungle, or is he just depressed to be back on the Island and doesn’t really care where he goes or what happens to him?
    And I agree with Kimberly that Eloise is even more interesting now that we’ve seen her in the sideways world. If she is telling Des he isn’t ready yet, is she planning on trying to change things? Do the rules/some of the rules not apply to her either?

  21. DrMrWizard, I have thought about the “rules” too. WIdmore said Desmond is the only one that has survived a catastrophic electromagnetic event…right?

    But what happened to Sawyer, Kate, Jack, Hurley, Jin and Miles in LA X? They survived a nuclear explosion that not only caused them to flash ahead/back 30 years, but that explosion could be the source of the Sideways timeline. And last night, Eloise revealed that she is connected to both timelines. So she survived, too. And not only survived, but still is like a ‘seer’ into both timelines. It appears as if she has a “gift” or “talent” as well.

    I think I should post this on Highbrow’s post about Des’ powers, too, as I think it fits better there.

  22. speaking of little things I noticed last night. The painting in Widmore’s office was of a scale holding black and white stones. Eloise was wearing a couple of pins on her left lapel that reminded me of the patterns the pendulum made.

  23. Kimberly, great find!
    Sorry about the late response, it seems I missed most of the fun already….
    I have read the posts about a possible continuity error, but has there been an ‘official’ word on that? Without an official word (and possibly even with), I’ve got to believe this is intentional (and therefore a hidden clue). I believe even Desmond’s suits don’t match between the two episodes (was that mentioned above?)… so its hard to buy the continuity error….

    So – IF the discrepancy real, I can think of four distinct possibilities, some or all of which have already been mentioned (I am sure there are more, but these come to mind):
    1 – the alternate reality is based on the perception of the viewer, and what that viewer knows from the true reality
    2 – this is the ‘real’ Desmond on the flight, and he flashes in somehow from the ‘true’ reality, even if just temporarily – perhaps the ‘alternate’ Desmond is elsewhere on the flight at the time
    3 – there are numerous alternate realities
    4 – events in the true reality continue to effect the status of the alternate reality. In other words, Desmond is married when he is on the flight, but an event in the ‘true’ realty somehow changes this.

    Not sure which, if any of these, is the actual case, though I’m leaning towards #2 currently….

  24. FYI – This is now looks to be a confirmed continuity error as of April 28, 2010… I would post the link to the Henry Ian Cusick Washington Post interview but, there is one thing in it that is a bit spoilerish… Wish I didn’t read it myself.

    He was questioned about the ring on his finger in the LA X plane scene… Henry pretty much states that if he is wearing a ring in that scene in LA X, then it is his own wedding ring… He always removes the ring between takes, but said that he may have forgotten to take it off. So yes, it is an error! Desmond should not be wearing a wedding ring!

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