The Wooden Chair

When Widmore brought Desmond to the magnetic generator room/box, did anyone else notice the wooden chair and immediatly start thinking of the first “Jacob’s cabin” scene? I could’ve sworn we were all going to witness Desmond timetravelling back to when Ben and Locke showed up to the cabin. Desmond would get “stuck” between the timelines so-to-speak and shout out “help me”. Then….I was way off, but I thought it would be kind of cool to answer that cabin scene in that fashion.

I’m just wondering if anyone else noticed this. It’s a very unimportant question, but oh well.

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So......I guess LOST was a good show.....WAS a good show.

6 thoughts on “The Wooden Chair

  1. I yelled it out!!!

    I saw it! I noticed it!

    It could make some stupid sense.

    The monster is most likely conducted of some electromagnetic properties…Ive been waiting for someone to die in the past while conscious flashing…”Jacob took my body”…hmmm…

    I like it…but the “help me” was unlike Desmond in any way…ALTHOUGH…I did think the eye Hurley saw in the cabin was desmonds eye for a long time…(but now I think it was Horaces…I think…)

  2. I had the same thought also Chief. I half expected to see the box disappear with him in it. Or just Desmond himself disappearing as he pulls a Sam Becket.

  3. Yes I had the same thoughts and I also yelled it out too AES! I have been thinking similar thoughts, MIB’s smokeyness-smoke bits are electromagnetically-related. I suspect now that maybe “Jacob’s cabin” was a place where experimental things may have happened as well as a containment of some sort (which I suppose we’ve always known due to the circle of ash). Kinda sad and creepy when you think about it.

  4. obsessedWLost – Yeah, I believe you’re right with the rocking chair thing.

    I’m glad I wasn’t alone. While I didn’t yell anything out, I might have got some chills.

    It’s great that there are still some major mysteries embedded within this show from seasons past….It would be even greater if they could start touching on some of these things, like the cabin. I’m not sure, with 5 episodes left, we’re going to see any mention of a cabin, but you never know. Christian still needs explained!

  5. Definitely thought at the first sight of Desomnd in that box that that was going to answer the cabin thing. Then I remembered the whole ash thing being around the cabin and the monster can’t cross the ash.

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