Who is special?

OK, they had a whole episode about Walt called “Special” so we know he is.

But, people keep saying Ethan is special and A-aron is special – but why? Was it said somewhere?

I was wondering because after rewatching Incident1 the thought came that perhaps people born(?) on the island are ‘special’ … and have special gifts.

While we don’t know Miles was born on the island, we do know he is a bit special. He can hear the dead.

Walt does something ‘more than we bargained for’, perhaps along similar lines …

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6 thoughts on “Who is special?

  1. walt is special as he can attract birds or disrupt birds flight paths (see his flash back, also see sut clips on youtube) birds are directed by electromagnitism (wikipedia) so in some way walt can alter these magnetic fields, this is my belief anyway and i think im bout 80% right

  2. Walt IS special.

    Just wondering if I missed something about Ethan & A-aron ‘cuz everyone keeps saying they’re ‘special’, but I don’t recall anyone on the show saying so.

    Ethan & A-aron were born on the island – but so was Alex, and there doesn’t seem much ‘special’ said about her.

    You can confuse some birds (and bees) by sticking a magnet on their head. (my field: zoology)

    BTW Desmond seems a bit special wrt magnetic fields, too.

  3. well the common denominator is that its all males for a start, as you mentioned miles.

    i think there may be slightly different terms and who uses them some are special coz they have special powers desmond walt miles, others are special coz they were born on the island (ethan aaron) which noone was supposed to be able to be born

  4. Well, isn’t that ‘special’.

    (Who-oo could it be that flies around the island in a puff of smoke and lifts up people before smashing them against a wall/ground and sometimes pretends to be a dead person … could it be … S****?)

  5. Well Alex was born on the island but a long before 1977 right?

    BTW, how the hell did her mom know so much? Like testing Sayid when she captured him?

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