Clue? Did anyone notice..

Hi all, I’m sorry if someone has already mentioned this in their alt/flash sideways thingy theory but thought I better point it out just incase it hasn’t been mentioned and may possibly assist anyone who has theories and/or is trying to figure out what the flash sideways means to them (I personally am not even going to attempt theorising what it is, I think I’m gonna wait this one out to the end! 😛 ).

This is just a little tiny eency weency thing which probably means nothing at all but…

..the other weekend I helped make a short film, we had an excellent stage make-artist to which we just pointed at our actors and said “make them look old! make them look young!” and off and away she did so…

This got me thinking. In LA X Part 1, we see Jack look in the mirror and we see the grey in his hair. Original 2004 Jack was not this grey. Why didn’t the makers of Lost say “ok we’re back in 2004 now, make Jack look younger!”. Ok, maybe the stress of having a son has given him some white hairs 😉 but why go to the trouble of showing us that Jack is stressed in flash sideways 2004 when they will probably not have the time to delve into Jack’s alt life any further.

My point is, I think they made Jack look older as a minor clue that 2004 flash sideways is not *when* we think it is. After working on that short film, I saw with my own eyes how easy it is disguise any sort of ageing. Obviously the Losties have different styles and looks because it is some sort of alternate place – but it doesn’t mean they should have aged any more (well, unless they are sincerely stressed out people as I said above!) because, well, they are the same age as they were in original timeline 2004.

I know many have come to conclusions as to what the flash sideways is, but we still don’t know what it is, so I thought I would point this out to anyone that wanted to take it and use it for any theories they have that “2004 flash sideways” is actually taking place, say for example, parallel to “2007 original timeline”, or something along those lines. Another production error? I’m not sure, I mean, they also made a point of showing Jack with a cut on his neck…it’s all a little fishy to me..! 😛

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2 thoughts on “Clue? Did anyone notice..

  1. Hrmm thanks Eko, I did realise that lol! I was pointing it out because I thought if the writers were really trying to re-create Jack at the age he should have been in 2004, they could have powdered his hair darker for these scenes (stage make-up, takes like 2 seconds). Why they didn’t? Seems kinda weird to me.. 🙂

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