So what exactly was the infection as i am now confused?

Apparantly Sayid and Claire were both infected which turned them evil. We saw evidence of this when Claire killed that Other, when she tried to kill Kate and when Sayid finished off Dogan and Lennon.

In the last 2 episodes though, they seem to have changed. Claire downed her weapon and joined up with Kate where i think that she would have stopped if the Losties hadn’t been captured. She did kill some of Widmores guys but still, earlier she seemed as if she was kind of normal again. Then in this most recent episode, Sayid tries and helps to diffuse the bomb but then does a very noble deed by sacrificing himself to save his friends. Not very evil if you ask me. He also admits that he didn’t kill Desmond and tells Jack that they will need his help.

It sometimes just feels like the writers can change their own rules (pardon the pun) by completely altering things at the drop of the hat. It’s like “Yeah, well Sayid was evil but then he changed back”

Why tell us that the Infection makes them evil/fills them with darkness when they can easily change back???

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12 thoughts on “So what exactly was the infection as i am now confused?

  1. Three episodes and the finale will tell the story. I have been gnawing at this for the past three seasons. Infection? Inoculation? WTF?

  2. I agree, it seems as though they have just forgotten about the infection.

    It was nice to see Sayid back to normal for 1 second this entire season. Bye Bye

  3. Infected was a word they threw around, but it was never a definite thing. Sayid and Claire both basically died and were brought back by Smokey. Doing so made them a little dark and made it to where he could manipulate them to some point. Both werent bad people though and in the end it looks like their goodness will have overcome.

  4. well even if the word infection is correct, than can’t infections be cured or become manageable? if you really want to stick with what an infection is, than with the right medicine it can be removed from the body, like lets say a convincing argument from a smooth talking desmond or maybe NOT being abandoned for once.

  5. I don’t think it is the infection that makes them lean towards the darkside, I think that it is just in them to lean that way, and maybe this leaning makes them susceptible to getting infected by the darkness, but that does not mean the infection will consume them completely. The fact that they call it an infection means that it can be cured (Rousseau thought the cure was a bullet, but maybe the cure can be a light leaning person pulling them back)

  6. We’ve all been infected with something – and then healed. Infection could be just emptyness … kinda mind-numb zombie-ish. Love and memories seem to heal it. (Claire’s for A-aron and kinda’ Kate … but not Charlie. She didn’t even notice him in Sidewaysville. She’s not completely unwell yet, either. Probably needs the baby born for that. Desmond obviously ‘showed’ something to Sayid that snapped him out of it. I liked someones theory it’s Shannon and not Nadia (even if Shannon is totally annoying).

  7. it was just the fact that Dogen told Jack that when the darkness reached Sayid’s heart, the person you know will be gone as he said the same happened to Claire.

    I just hope we get some explaination as to what the infection is, how one becomes infected and what the cure is and why it works.

    I am glad that Sayid returned to his earlier self.

    The reason for my slight gripe is that he changed so suddenly. He doesn’t kill Desmond, lies to MIB and then sacrifices himself for his friends. He went from being a mindless zombie to the hero of the last 2 episodes.

    The question is, will Claire be able to redeem herself?

  8. I also want to get an answer to the seemingly inconsistent information. Perhaps the infection needs to be reinforced by hearing Smokey’s seductive voice regularly, who knows.

  9. Try not to delve so far into the infection thing. You can chalk it up to the person introducing the idea of infection not knowing as much as he thought…..which happens a lot on this show. Maybe Sayid was able to pull out of it because Jacob was actually right, and people are able to be good with all the corruption and war and bad things that exist in the world. Which Smokey probably knows already anyways cause when he said that people that come to the island always succumb to that stuff, it was probably because he was trying to get them all to kill each other.

  10. I’m personally not satisfied with “The body’s immune system can overcome infections.” Go ahead and roll your eyes, I know it sounds like I’m just trying to be negative.

    Obvioulsy, this is no normal infection. Whether or not Dogen was using the term “infection” literally shouldn’t matter. Claire and Sayid were once dead. Now they’re alive with this “darkness” that can apparently fade away on it’s own. I don’t get it either. It sure doesn’t seem like a very “life threatening” infection at this point.

    I’m sure we’ll have a better understanding about what it is before the show’s over, because in “What Kate Does”, the infection was literally the only thing worth talking about.

  11. I think it’s important not to be too literal in trying to understand the larger themes of Lost. The infection is a metaphor for the darkness that can overtake someone and allow them to turn to evil. Dogen explained it as a darkness that is only irreversible once it reaches your heart. In Sayid’s case, it took time and hadn’t reached his heart. When he spoke to Desmond in the well, he realized that everything he did to get Nadia back would ironically turn her against him. All the killing he did in her name would overwhelm her and she wouldn’t be able to love him anymore. This was mirrored in the alt universe when he goes back to her house after killing Keamy–she asks, “Sayid, what did you do?” It was obvious she was dismayed and disillusioned with what she thought he did. He would have lost her anyway. Once he realized this, his island self made the decision to save his friends and redeem himself. That sacrifice was one of the best moments in the entire series.

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