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I’ve been away from the world of LOST for a few days now. I just watched this last episode an hour ago. Something jumped out at me. Remember earlier this season when Smokie came into the temple and tore everyone up? The scene that follows, where Sayid, Claire, Kate and others are slowly (in slow motion) walking out of the temple has an eerie, but relaxing melody playing in the background. It so happens it’s the same tune we hear in Claire’s new musicbox that was handed down by Christian. At least I’m pretty damn sure it is. I remembered the tune since I thought it was interesting at the time.

So what’s this mean, if anything? Jacob had his own “theme music” that played when he was around. We first heard it in the beginning of “The incident”. Perhaps Claire’s musicbox’s tune is MIB’s “theme”. That would mean there is a strong correlation between Christian and MIB, even in the other timeline.

I could be way off. This tune might have played in plenty of places that I just never caught. It might not even be the same melody that played in that previous episode I was referring to. Lastly, even if it’s the same song, it might mean nothing. Maybe we’re just being messed with once again.

I hope this hasn’t all been previously talked about. Again, I’ve been away for a few days, so I wouldn’t really know. If it’s been touched on a lot already, then that really sucks.

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So......I guess LOST was a good show.....WAS a good show.

34 thoughts on “Claire’s Musicbox

  1. You’re right…it is the same song that Claire was singing when Smokie blew through the temple. Title, “Catch A Falling Star and Put it in Your Pocket.”

    And…we’re always being messed with.

  2. Or Christian sang the song to Claire when she was a child? I don’t know how much they used to hang out when he was alive.

  3. i didnt watch this episode until right now either, ugh stupid social life getting in the way me enjoying my lost! anyway…

    you’re right, it is the same song. it played in the episode when they’re walking out of the temple, it’s also the same song clair sings to the squirrel-aaron-dead-baby she has, it’s also the song she asks kate to sing to aaron, it’s the song kate sings to aaron when shes putting him to sleep, clair also sings it to her pregnant belly at one point… whatever it’s been around for a while. as the other comment says it goes “catch a falling star and put it in your pocket blah blah blah…” there was a theory back in the day like right after the episode where they’re leaving the temple with locke came out, i think it was by AES or some other person that posts a lot. it was about how that song symbolizes the fallen angel, something about god and the devil being the fallen angel and what not. and it was saying that the song symbolizes mib as like the bad guy that fell from jacob’s graces.

    it’s kinda sad that i actually remember that WOW can you tell i’ve spent a lot of time on this forum lol, havent been around for like a month now thou

  4. I really hope that music box aswell as the disappearance of Christians body in the ALT will have some importance other than to add to the already mounting confusion and ambiguity.

    I’m thinking Cristian has/had played a major role in the shows backstory, hes the big daddy, i hope its not the last we hear/see of him.
    I think somehow he knew that his son was destined to do what hes about to do, and all the times we’ve seen him being a bit of an a-hole to Jack, he was actually trying to save Jack from being ‘the candidate’.

  5. obsessedWLost – I see why you call yourself that 🙂

    Thanks for filling me in, as I had no idea it was that song. I guess I just “false alarmed” myself.

  6. About the musicbox itself, I was thinking it might be the same musicbox in another episode..2 episodes I can think of: The Sun episode back in season 2 (glass ballerina?) I think had music box at very beginning, then also of course Rousseau’s musicbox that Sayid fixed for her…that would be interesting if it was same music in all 3 musicboxes..anybody know?

  7. Isn’t the song that was playing from the music box the same song Christian told Claire he used to sing to her when she was a kid?

  8. bobt – Just watched the Rousseau episode. The mirror within the box is divided into 3 smaller mirrors, while I believe Claire’s is one solid piece. The exterior looks similar though. I’m going to go back watch “The Candidate” again to get a better picture…..

  9. Yeah, the musicbox even has a different design to it altogether.

    Damn. I should have just put this under “questions”. Didn’t realize how unimportant and self explanatory this all is.

  10. maybe christian was a d**k to jack because he didn’t want him to be the candidate because he was always under Smokie’s influence. But Jack is proving him wrong and becoming the candidate anyway…who knows…

  11. That is the same song (catch a falling star) that claire (in a flashback) asks the family to sing to the baby when they adopt it (before she decides to change her mind and walk out)

    But obsessed explained this quite nicely 🙂

    The lyrics are:
    ‘Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, never let it fade away.
    Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day’

    The lyrics to me have a deeper meaning.. in a way that something Claire or possibly Aaron have could be key to defeating Locke?

    I dont know.. Im clutching at air now!

  12. owl…that was my theory you referred to…

    This is a good post Chief…

    I felt as soon as I heard the song, that it was a way for the creators to tell us to keep looking towards Christain for some answer regarding what he knows…in both realities.

    I really think we will see Christian again before the end as either MIB or Jacob…but the music box and the mirror were more than likely a message…

    Maybe for his children to “reflect on another life”, work together, and if at all possible…catch the falling star…who I do believe is Jacob…

    Good post chief…

  13. maybe all the references to the song is implying that the Island is a meteor or comet or something that crashed into earth millions of years ago. maybe MIB/Jacob saw this happen or their family did and they sailed out to where it was to check it out and found this island with crazy electromagnetic properties. They realized they could travel in time and saw the future and then traveled back in order to prevent this from happening. After all these trips MIB began to change and figured they cannot stop humanity from destroying itself and decided he would do it himself. Jacob disagreed and has been trying to stop him and came up with this game to outsmart him….blah, blah..I love this show!

  14. Good thinking about the meteor. I’ve been thinking the same for a couple months.

    About the shotgun thing….a meteor is way different than a Spaceship, even though they both originate from space. We’re all in the clear if it plays out that way!

  15. if The island does turn out to be a meteor, could Smokey be dark matter?
    I was watching a very ineresting documentary about that stuff the other day, at least i’m guessing it was interesting, i had no idea what they were talking about.

  16. Jacobsdoublewide – It’s possible that it could play out this way. The only other explanation is that the Earth had this massive amount of electromagnetic energy since Earth was first forming, and was kept secret by secret societies over the millenia. A 3,000 (or so) year old meteorite seems more likely to me for some reason.

    If the origin of the energy is all that gets answered out of the hundreds of questions, I don’t think I’d complain. It could answer many questions in the process.

  17. I posted a theory on Dark UFO about 2 years ago where I suggested that the Island exists outside of time. This allows people to experience different events that happened on the Island at different times (time travel), it is also why the weather is weird and Locke could tell when it was going to rain (he was in tune with it)…not a perfect theory but the only way I could convince myself these things could happen without it being The Garden of Eden or something stupid/make believe like that…

  18. meteor, spaceship, whatever! if that happens, i am like 10 minutes away from abc studios, sawyergirl grab that gun and get over here haha jk jk

  19. yeah…I don’t think it’s going that way, I don’t think we will ever really know where the Island came from. We know what it is (at least now) it is a jail for evil…This tuesday we will find out all we need to know I think!

  20. I do believe in one of the scenes that Kate brings Aaron to Sawyer’s old girlfriends house, that she was singing the same song to him at that time also.

    I think that it was just an important song to Claire in the main timeline, and since she didnt know her dad in the ALT, she was probably not familiar with the song either. I dont think it has any major signifigance, but who knows?

  21. Also, Kate sings this son to Aaron. When Kate brought Aaron to Cassidy’s with her. They were walking from the car to the house and Kate was singing that song.

    My guess: Christian sang that song to Claire when she was a young girl.

  22. Brilliant post, well done Chief16. I thought you only posted 5% good things someone said 😉

    These writers niw how to teast and be cruel to their audience ey???!

    Surely it has a lot to do with Aaron. The show has been so tentative these last few weeks, hardly letting us knowing anything other than what is happening in front of us, now amazing twists so far (apart from Desmond perhaps).

    This will all link to Aaron/Jacob and Christian. Is it not weird that noone has questioned why Christian starting drinking like crazy?? We just accept he is an alcoholic.

    Jack starting drinking/drugs like crazy once he knew he had to get back on the island. Either they were just proving these problems can be genetic or actually Christian was faced with similiar mental anxieties as Jack. So he knew about the island all along perhaps.

    Anyway brilliant spot about the music.

  23. Sorry Obsessed, i live in the UK.. But i could FedEx it over to you? Haha.

    Yeahh i think i could get on board with the meteor.. It seems like a reasonable explanation

  24. Regarding the song, “Catch a Falling Star,” it absolutely was the song that Christian sang to Claire when she was little, and was playing in all the scenes that ObsessedWLost cited. Does anyone know the rest of the lyrics????
    If not, here they are:

    “Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket,
    Never let it fade away!
    Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket,
    Save it for a rainy day!

    For love may come an’ tap you on the shoulder,
    Some star-less night!
    Just in case you feel you wanna hold her,
    You’ll have a pocketful of starlight!”

    It goes on from there, but what do you think about the “tapping on the shoulder” reference??? Interesting, no?

  25. nachochris – Thanks, and good thoughts on Christian. There’s a few people here that believe Christian still plays a major part in all of this, including myself. I’m a strong believer that every alcoholic has had a change in their past that has triggered their alcoholism whether or not they know it. It would be great to get a bit of Christian’s history here.

    imisscharlie – Thanks for the lyrics. What the hell is Christian trying to do with that? Assuming he knows about the island before his death. Assuming he knows Claire’s and Jack’s importance, what’s he trying to accomplish by handing the musicbox down to Claire I wonder.

    Perhaps it’s Aaron related. This little guy still has a role to play, I’m sure of it.

  26. So, Jack invites Claire to come and stay with him right??

    So the cousins, Aaron and David will grow up together right???

    MIB looks a bit older than Jacob right??

    I have a strange feeling David and Aaron are MIB and Jacob. They definitley look the part, and this provide the link with Christian Shepherd at the head of the family as grandpa.

    The fact the cousins will be brought up together to me rings alarm bells.

    Obviously no hard evidence, but I mentioned before MIB is David and Aaron is Jacob. Good signs that they interact in Safe Landing Universe.

    Imagine Lost is just one serious, family holiday game of BackGammon between two clever half-cousins (grandson’s of spine surgeons)!! haha and the island is their mind’s imagination running wild during that game!!

  27. Wow, lots of amazing thoughts here guys..
    Here are some of my takes on things.
    Whatever the Island IS(Pure science, magic or 50/50)there must be some kind of aware and selective Force/Will behind it.(And I don’t think it is Jacob or his replacement)

    One of the things that I’ve always wondered about is how come Juliet began flashing with the Losties(and bear in mind that if I’m not misstaking that meant ALL the Oceanics, right, even the redshirts)

    So one could argue that it perhaps have something to do do with the time you’ve spent on the Island – meaning the Losties aren’t “immune” yet.(Because no Other ever flashed “We didn’t go anywhere, John – you did..”) However, Juliet has spent years on the Island and should be, right?(And Jin flashing to and from a young Danielle – who had not spent nearly his 101(isn’t it)days, correct?) so she and her crew should have skipped then as well.

    Something or someone decided(I believe)
    that Juliet was now “One of us”
    Now, another thing is that I feel that the Time-Travel-Periods are conscious as well.
    Apart from when it was skipping off axis off course.

    We don’t know exactly what happened at the
    Incident when the Losties/Juliet did their/her thing.
    But once again, the Losties and they only jump through time – conviniently to 2007
    and “current events” so to speak, whereupon a dying Juliet says “It worked”

    Now, two interesting things about that –
    Juliet was the first one aware – and more importantly, she was aware on the Original Timeline, unlike in the Alt Timeline where they “remember” things from the Org Timeline/On Island.

    So the Island must be conscious
    as it picks out specific Losties and take them to specific places in time.

    Now, I’m a huge Juliet fan and have stood behind her since the beginning(and even though I always knew she’d die(She’s named Juliet to resemble Shakespeare’s Juliet, she was an Other – a Capulet. and we all know the themes of her story..)
    and even though I totaly support Elisabeth on “V” but I’m hoping that we have not seen the last of Juliet. She and Sawyer was adorable and awesome!

    Now, I love the idea of David being Nemesis and Auron Jacob(or vice versa!)
    I too am a strong “Real” Christian-believer, and hope we haven’t seen the last of him either.

    And, correct me everyone if I’m wrong please. It seems most have accepted Christian in the cabin with Locke and Claire as Nemesis posing.

    Now – what bothers me about this is – He Tells John to move the Island, yes..?
    John doesn’t – Ben does(presumably resulting in the skipping – Ben wasn’t supposed to turn the Wheel, John was)

    Now that they are skipping through time – John must make a second attempt(important to note that now during John’s skipping he has recived “info/orders” from Nemesis(posing as John)via Richard)
    Now that John meets Christian a second
    time, Christian says to him “I Told You to move the Island. Since when has listening to Ben ever gotten you anywhere..?”

    Now John says to Christian he’d been Told he has to die, which Christian comfirms(In my opinion this could be the real Christian basically saying – Had you done what I said from the beginning, no – but yeah, you F’ed up, so now you’ll have to make that sacrifice..)

    My point is – had John moved the Island himself, right away like Told to in the cabin – he would have been deported to the exit in Tunisia(Is it, right..?)
    and the skipping would(presumably)never take place. And even if it did, it’d be without John Locke present on the Island, that’s for sure – end result – NO Loophole!

    Nemesis’ loophole consisted(from what we understand) by posing as Locke in order to manipulate him into dying and bringing the rest back
    (Another thing I’m entirely sure about but didn’t he even say he needed their body on the Island?(Yemi, and yes, Christian, not to mention John Locke)

    and from what we understand now – most likely because he needs them all dead in order to be free

    None of that could have happened if John Locke turned the wheel right away according to Christian’s instructions..right?
    Or am I wrong?

    Now, I got real excited when they were about to open the music box – I was hoping it contained something, a letter from Christian with some big reveal or clue. Christian knew that eventually – if even only in his death – Jack and Claire would meet. Now as dissapointing as I was at first(and I actually didn’t make all the song-connection, so cudos to all of you who did)
    I now think it will help move the story forward, significantly.

    I’m willing to bet, that now that all the Losties are coming together(especially off course – Claire moving in with Jack)that the music-box/song will help trigger her memory and maybe Jacks as well – and if not – he already knows that things are off so, that would be yet another peice of the puzzle for him.

    I’d love for Jack and Claire to cross path’s with Desmond again,
    they both have a feeling about him, and might be open to his theory.

    On a different note – I’m surprised Des hasn’t kinda teamed up with Charlie(who opened his eyes) to bring them all together.

    Anyways, that’s what I got for now

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