What the freaking freak!

havent been on here for a while, started getting bored of everyone posting the same stuff, but now im back, and all i have to say is: what the heck is going on!!!! (i have nothing brilliant to say here just some thoughts)

did i just watch the titanic? how cheesy was that moment?! gah!
sun and jin were getting on my nerves anyway, why were they speaking english to each other in a bad accent, you would think they would speak korean since that’s what they speak to each other normally! it will be interesting to see what happens to them in the sideways now that they’re dead on the island.

lepidous was a completely useless character.

was it just me or did widmore’s accent get stronger this episode too

the mirroring of sideways jack and locke with regular jack and locke from way back in the day was pretty awesome!

so im thinking locke and widmore are working together, something that i’ve said before, and the rest of the losties are ganna end up reuniting with richardus and miles and desmond whoever else was with them and they’re gana fight for the island (maybe).

final conclusion: as i have been saying since the beginning of the season: there is no bad and good side, it’s just two sides, like in backgammon or chess or checkers or whatever, one person has the black pieces and the other person has the white, but they aren’t like the bad side and the good side, they are just different sides.

p.s. can kate die already!

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i used to have a life before Lost. i remember a time when i had interests and hobbies, but now i seem to have acquired the ability to talk about Lost theories for 8 hours straight, then when i leave and have to hang out with people who dont watch Lost i find myself relating things they say to Lost. i may need help soon! Lostaholics Anonymous??

15 thoughts on “What the freaking freak!

  1. Ha. Sun and Jin sucked. They shouldn’t have been speaking english let alone english minus the terrible accents. He should have left Sun to die for the sake of their daughter. Guess he forgot.

    Ladipus had the most ridiculous line ever on the series…it made me embarrassed for the script writer, “Looks like somebody got their voice back”. Good lord. I used to like him and then he talked too much.

  2. I was a bit shocked at how, and when everyone died.

    Was Frank really as useless as he appeared? Why did “the island” want him back? Like ScrollLocke says, he was useless. I figured he’d do something important before the end, but he sure as hell didn’t.

    Sun and Jin… me, it’s just two more characters that we no longer have to worry about. I never really saw any importance in either of them either. Although they are (were) obviously very central characters, so it was a bit of a shock regardless.

    I liked the episode though. Why? Because things happened. It’s a first of the season.

  3. Frank was necessary to make us believe (even though nobody did) that they could leave on the plane…he could somehow still be alive…could

  4. “The island still got you in the end, didn’t it?”

    Guess the island hated Lapidus. It tried to kill him the first time in the crash then got mad it was Seth.

  5. I completely agree with ScrollLocke – “Looks like somebody got their English back” was the most cheesy, unnecessary line I can ever recall being uttered on the show. Made me vom a little bit.

    Also…I was pretty shocked that neither Sun nor Jin thought…hang on, our daughter’s been left with Sun’s mother for (months) and has never even met Jin, shouldn’t he go and raise her? I loved the couple up until then, but this ruined it for me completely (along with them speaking English to each other whilst alone.) The deaths were cliched in my opinion, and maybe I’m just emotionless but I didn’t really feel anything when they died, unlike Charlie, Juliet etc…

    I really thought Sayid was gonna take the bomb into the emergency evacuation (pod?) that they showed in the background of the sub, too bad it blew up before he got there.

  6. I thought it was very ‘kind’ of Jin to leave his daughter and die meaninglessly. i’m pretty sure Sun wouldnt have held it against him if he had save himself so he could fnd his dad. Oh well…..

  7. Ok so I have always thought this about lost. There have been scenes where jin and sun in the first season are talking in korean and then it goes to english just so we dont have to read it but they r still speaking korean. Just like the scene when hurley is speaking spanish to Richard from Isabel, it starts off in spanish and then goes to english just because they didnt want us to have to read. I’m pretty sure they do that for a scene with sayid whens hes in the republican guard

  8. i’ve just re-read what i typed and i’m thinking WTF?!?!? “find his dad” LOL!! i meant to say ‘find his daughter’

    now there’s a lesson for you all – too much Jack Daniels will make you write utter nonsense!!!

  9. i’ve just re-read what i typed and i’m thinking WTF?!?!? “find his dad” LOL!! i meant to say ‘find his daughter’

    now there’s a lesson for you all – too much Jack Daniels will make you write utter nonsense!!!

  10. i am jacob – i envy you! dont know where you are, but where i am it’s 3PM and im stuck at work! wish i was drinking!

    jacobdoublewide – yeah, well i knew you would all miss me too much so i guess i kinda had to come back to fill the void i had left empty in your hearts 😉

  11. i do not think frank is dead yet. we did not see him die. dont forget unless they kill of everyone from here on out there is only one person that can fly a plane. and unless everyone dies people will need to leave the island

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