What is the Island?

I thought it would be fun to guess before it’s revealed. Here are some random ideas that have been thrown around over the years:

#1. It’s the top of Mount Everest in the future where global warming has melted all the ice caps and everything else is covered in water.
#2. It’s a stupid spaceship from the future that crashes into the past, a volcano erupts, the island forms on top of it.
#3. Eden or East of Eden.
#4. Meteor/comet crashing thousands of years ago, a volcano buries it over the years. (added by chiefof16 and JacobsDoubleWide)

What are your ideas? What are some ridiculous ideas you’ve come across?

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I'm female, 28, a musician who plays a white ukulele and a black guitar, and I'm a fraternal twin. I have a fondness for tropical islands and wondering what's across the sea. Unlike the MIB - I've left home, many times, and concur with the Beach Boys that the cutest girls in the world are indeed housed in the United States (of Elizabeth Mitchell).

8 thoughts on “What is the Island?

  1. Idea number 1 is actually really interesting, I’ve never heard that one. But If LOST is trying to get us to go green now, I’m gonna lose it. I’m all about saving the environment, but I hope Lost steers clear from “green” messages.

    But I, along with Jacobsdoublewide, also go with a meteor crashing thousands of years ago, and a volcano burying it over the years.

  2. It doesnt matter what it is, it really doesnt.
    Its a a giant stage … hell… heaven… purgatory… a time machine…

    But above all…its a place where miracles happen.

    Thats is…the show is based on perspective, and the island is nothing more than what an individual perceives it to be…

    The truth is…at this point…I would be more happy to NOT learn what it is, and leave it at that…

  3. I always thought that if Lost and Doctor Who happened in the same universe then the Island may have formed around the jettisoned core of a TARDIS. That’s my ridiculous contribution.

    Seriously, I’ve always thought of the Island as the last place on Earth that had magic. A place where you can still find dragons and damsels in distress. A place where the elves dance and the Jabberwock roams. That last place where you may catch site of a Griffin, hear a Bandersneetch, or see a Phoenix rise from the ashes.

    I also like AES’ answer.

  4. Ok – I get that it doesn’t really matter what the island is – and that John said it best, “It’s a place where miracles happen.”

    I suppose the audience might be meant to just believe in it without needing explanation which moves the show into fantasy and away from science fiction.

    But due to the conflict theme of science vs. faith – and the fact that it was brought up that Richard knows what the island is but the audience does not – it’ll be revealed to be something more concrete than just an abstract “place of miracles”.


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