I was rewatching season 6 so far, and noticed something which could be nothing at all, but stood out for me.

When Flocke takes Sawyer to the caves, I noticed a rustic looking guitar, with more strings then normal.

I am a guitar player so get excited seeing them anywhere in life.

There has been a lot of talk regarding Aaron, David and their links to Jacob and MIB.

Then I watched The Lighthouse episode. And when jack cant find David he checks Davids room at his mum’s place, and their is noticeably a guitar in his room.

Suggestions that both Jacob and David play Guitar?? Of course Charlie has played guitar, and the guitar case has been seen in many episodes but I think this is different and definitley a clue from the writers

Anyway I pose this under question to to see if anyone has spotted this and have any ideas. Or if it is just faint and ridiculous!

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3 thoughts on “Guitar(s)

  1. I thought the cave was MIB’s lair? Every character has a MAIN/ALT existence – except for David. I want to believe that maybe MIB is David and Aaron is Jacob and they start a band on the island called “RICHARD IN CHAINS” and they open for Geronimo Jackson.

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