My last question…

Something I noticed right from the begining of the season but was waiting to see if someone else caught it but with the show almost over I figured I’d throw it out there.

In the first episode of this season “LA X” as soon as Kate gets down from the tree she bumps into Miles. Kate sees one of the hatch doors and says “We’re back”. Miles says “Back where?”


If the bomb just went off and they were blasted away from it she wouldn’t have said “We’re back” because from her perspective she never went anywhere. So… does this mean anything?

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3 thoughts on “My last question…

  1. shit…i think you’ve got something there.

    you just blew my mind. lol.

    this whole time i’ve been thinking the flashsideways was the result, but maybe after they all remember being on the island they do something to get back to the island, and what we’re watching on the island is the real end ? omg, i don’t even know.

    anyway, good call. i feel like you’re on to something. i know my theory doesn’t make sense and that’s because i have about 10 going on in my head. lol. but you’re awesome !

  2. A good observation

    My interpretation of that scene was

    It means in 1977 the swan station was intact, while in 2007 it had imploded-exploded and the hatch had been thrown away and landed onto the beach. Kate’s conclusion upon seeing it lying in the jungle was “We’re back (in 2007)”.

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