is the alt timeline the happy ever after?

My jaw dropped when sun and Jin died. I would have put money on them making it to the end.

So with so many of our beloved characters still alive in the alt timeline, is it going to be the timeline that survives? When all is done and Jack and Desmond defeat MIB is everyone (and the island) going to be destroyed? but live on in the alt world.

I personally think that whatever happens will land the island at the bottom of the ocean.

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3 thoughts on “is the alt timeline the happy ever after?

  1. Yes, the alt or ‘sideways’ or whatever term you prefer, happens after the on-island events(which conclude with the Island sinking).

    I think the most interesting question that arises when considering scores of characters have somehow come back to life or have been reincarnated(Sun, Jin, Charlie, Boone, Roger Linus, Anthony Cooper, Helen, etc etc) is where did David come from? All of the other characters have a previous life of sorts, but who was David in a previous life(since we know he wasn’t David himself)? If you watch his recital scene where Jack talks to Dogen and pay close attention to the dialog as well as several easter eggs in the scene, you’ll be able to answer this question(especially after next week’s episode). It’s mindblowing.

  2. Risebysin, are you able to explain to me how to spot the easter eggs without spoiling it for everyone else? Also, which ep is it pls? I remember seeing it but need to locate it.

  3. I just rewatched that scene–and I am totally clueless! (It’s “The Lighthouse”) Please don’t say that David is MIB! That would really be ridiculous.
    David was playing Chopin’s “Fantasie Impromptu” on the piano–makes me think of Faraday.
    Dogen said to Jack that the children are too young for such pressure. And Dogen was shocked to hear that Jack didn’t know how long David had been playing piano.
    There was a “welcome Candidates” sign in the lobby of the conservatory. Outside of that, I don’t see it being obvious at all who David is.

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