The Bomb

I’m curious if anyone remembered when Ben was recruiting the Oceanic 6 to come back to the island, and he was in the hotel room with Jack–Ben took a “package” out of an air conditioning vent. It was all very mysterious and we never found out what it was. Could that have been the C-4? Did Ben bring it with him on the Ajira flight and then return with Richard to rig up the explosives? Just a thought!

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2 thoughts on “The Bomb

  1. Pretty sure you can’t take C4 on a commercial flight. Pretty sure Ben could have gotten some from Dharmaville but Widmore’s guards were still alive when Flocke arrived at the plane – suggesting Widmore rigged the C4, not Ben and crew who would have had to kill Widmore’s men to do it.

  2. For the counter argument about smuggling explosives onto that particular flight
    See my post:

    The dumbest airline in the world… Ajira

    many people answered that they thought the Ajira flight was “sponsored” by Widmore and or Ben Linus.

    More likely Jill arranged for Ben to have a gun to go kill Penny Widmore before going to catch his flight.

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