What the hell? Loads of people have been suspecting Lapidus was only part of this final team as he would be flying Ajira all the way off this god-forsaken Rock/Island.

But then they get sent to the sub!!!

I thought just like everyone else that he would fly the plane off.

So what is his purpose? They kill off key characters like Sayid, Sun, Jin (which had my girlfriend in tears) but this gentleman is still alive!!

ps I would like to point out that commenting to someones recent post before this latest episode, I suspected FLocke was planning to kill them all. And guess what? He did try to!

We can not doubt Flocke is not on our Losties side anymore

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5 thoughts on “Lapidus?

  1. I thought Lapidis was drowned, dead in the sub – can you elaborate please nachochris?

    I know some poeple didn’t like him but I did so I’ll be happy if he makes it out!

  2. No way, is he dead?? I only thought Sun, Jin and Sayid were seen to die!

    Maybe I missed it during all the commotion. We can declassify this post if he is dead, thanks for pointing it out Eko73.

    Thats why I placed it under “question”. If he dies, well then it makes sense, his role to fly the plane is over.

    I did not mind him as a character. They all have their purposes, roles to fulfill.

    He looks a hell of a lot like Christian shepherd!!

  3. He has good lines though, like ‘weirdest damn show i’ve ever been in’ when they were digging a grave on the beach last season.

    Well we don’t actually see him die, I may be confused too but its a bit like Jin on the freighter… we naturally assume he’s dead but ought not to assume anything as Lost inevitably proves us wrong. From what I remember, we see him say something like ‘oh hell’ as the water starts to come in and we don’t see him swim to the surface but I’m thinking more and more that a lot of it is about what we assume based on what we see / the clues we are given and how that is often wrong… if that makes sense.

    Think I need to see it again…

  4. If MIB let Lapidus die sooner they wouldn’t have fallen for his “let’s take the plane” plan because there would have been no pilot. They had to believe Flocke really wanted to take the plane otherwise his plan to blow up the sub with them on it wouldn’t have worked.

  5. I think MIB is a lot like Chuck Norris. You know: “The only reason you are still alive is because Chuck Norris has let you live”. MIB is the Chuck Norris of the Island.

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