European LOST finalle viewings?

Written 19th May

So when I started watching lost via DVDs, it was my main mission to catch up with the new episodes in time so that I could watch ithe last episode in real time with everyone else and avoid any possibility of having someone else spoil a hystoric television moment for me (I relat it to ‘who shot JR or the ending of usual suspects) but like the doe that I am, I booked a month long trip thru Europe during the exACT time of the shows pinicale conclusion in a country that broadcasts ‘new’ episodes weeks after their American premier. So what I’m wondering is if there’s anyone outthere that knows of any live satellite viewings that will be taking place the night of the big finalle? I know it’ll be on at like 3 or 4 am or something, but I still think it’s an experience I would like to see unfold in real time, and especially not by watching it on my tiny iPhone screen!

I’ll have a eurorail pass during the week of the shows conclusion, so if u know of any in France, Italy, Germany, or whereever, I would sure love to know about it!

Thanks so much, and here’s hoping for an amazing end to a wonderful show!


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I'm an animator from Los(t) Angeles and am excited/sad about watching the last season!

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