On the Flash-Sideways

Written 19th May

Ok, so I am relatively new to this site, and this is my third theory, and last presumably…

So I have a thought. What if the H-Bomb did work. It went off, and everything went back to they way it should have been had Oceanic Flight 815 not crashed. However, in the “Flash-Sideways” universe, Desmond now knows that this was not meant to happen. He is going to try and do something to merge the two universes. After the initial plane crash, John Locke gained the ability to walk. This, however was no miracle. I am proposing that in the Flash Sideways, Jack was able to fix Locke’s legs, allowing him to walk. The two universes then merge at exactly the point where flight 815 crashes, giving Locke use of his legs.

Sorry if this makes no sense or if it sounds stupid…it sounded better in my head…

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