Worth Cherishing

This is the moment I’ve been waiting for for a very long time, and I’m sure it is to you too. I love football and baseball, but I must say…..This is even bigger than watching the Bears in the Super Bowl, and it’s even bigger than watching the Cardinals in the World Series.

I truly hope everyone has plans tonight to enjoy this finale with people they love. Even if you’re a casual watcher, it should be entertaining.

I gaurantee that 20 years from now, kids will know of this show through their parents, and I bet this finale will have a huge part in that.

Do yourself a favor and throw your expectations out the window. It’s something I’ve had to learn how to do during this frustrating season. This finale’s only gonna suck if you let it. If you’re looking for answers, you should know by now that this isn’t the type of show that’ll give ’em to ya. (Another personal lesson learned)

Sorry for the cheese, but I hope we all enjoy it.

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So......I guess LOST was a good show.....WAS a good show.

10 thoughts on “Worth Cherishing

  1. I’m gonna miss all this when the hype dies down.. all the theories, even the crazy ones. gonna miss all you clever people, and the ones that hide in the back (like me) and just chuck observations at random posts. the good times, the bad times, and the down right shocking times. We’ve made it this far.. come on Lost don’t let us down!! And i’ll see you all on the other side!!

  2. Agreed. I don’t expect anything – and am very ready for the story to come to conclusion. Thanks for the great reads everyone. This site was my constant. Maybe we’ll all meet again when we find another show worth theorizing about. I’m filling the void with a X-Files rewatch!

  3. Good to hear from you on this subject Chief!

    I love to see people really just enjoy what they are giving us, no matter what THEIR story is…this has been one of the best things ever.

    Screw answers, screw theorizing, lets see how this all ends!!!

  4. Aw Chief, such a nice little post! Question: did you watch the Times Talks Live: Lost event with Damon & Carlton from last Thursday night? (The thing satellite broadcast at movie theaters.) I was thinking how I wished it could be transcripted and then posted here for all the theorizers.

    Anyway…Cheers to Lost.

  5. Cheers Kim…

    If you find a link or something for that, let us know…I would love to read (or see)it after its all done tonight…

    Lost is not talked about much where I am, and we have NOTHING pertaining to the show in my area ever…

  6. Hey AES. Yes, you will love it. It’s in 11 parts on youtube. The first 10 are all 10 minutes long, the last one is nearly 3 minutes, so it’s a time commitment. But it’s worth it. (I was slightly spoiled by Carlton on something but even that was a hilarious moment between him & Damon. I KNOW you won’t want to watch it ahead of tonight. I wasn’t as bummed as others might be. But it’s because we’re all interested in different things. SO there’s my disclaimer.)

    I hope I can figure out how to do a link, but if not, go to youtube and put in: “Times Talk Live – Behind the Scenes of Lost Part 1 HD 1080p”

    Enjoy. I’ll be watching this again (and probably again) soon enough as I will be going through Damon & Carlton (& LOST) withdrawals when reality sets in…

  7. Cant wait…Ill be taking your advice on watching AFTER the finale…weve “come this far, it would be a shame to turn back now” and ruin it…

    Thanks for the link and info Kim!

  8. No problem. I’ve been soaking in all I can for the last 10 days. It’s not going to help with the break-up that is The End tonight. 🙂

    Anyway, yeah, I agree about ‘making it this far…’ I was so surprised he said what he said, it’s so unlike them.

    And one more thing. They also said that if you don’t like knowing who will be appearing in the finale to cover the bottom half of the screen for the first 10 minutes. Somebody actually asked why they show the cast on the front end like that and they had to explain contracts with agents/actors… 🙂

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