A Compromise

First I wanted to thank everyone on this forum for entertaining me during the periods between each episode. I enjoyed really every post, no matter how crazy the ideas were.

Now after some days after the finale, i had time to rethink “The End” a little bit and I think, I got a pretty good feeling for myself to what happened in the Series-Finale.

The first thoughts after the Show were, that whole LOST was a similar story to the movie “Jacob’s Ladder”. In that sense, everything that happened in LOST was “made up” by Jack himself to find peace for himself, so he can enter heaven. That ending would have been half-point higher, than somebody waking up in an airplane and finding out that it was just a dream.

After some thinking, and inspiration from you guys and girls, i found the answer to the Finale, as i also think it was meant to be: Season 6 (SLU) was kind of “Afterlife” where everyone (no matter when they died) comes together and finds peace, and so can enter heaven, or whatever you want to call it…
That’s a very nice idea, and clearly not a lot of people expected that kind of solution for the SLU.

The second thing we learned was, that still: everything that happened on the island was real. And they give not a single answer to all the mysteries of the island…

But why didn’t they? Why did they spend one whole season for the “Longest Happy Ending” in History since the Lord of the Rings? I’m sure they were thinking on how to End this whole thing, and that “giving answers the whole time, with a little side-story” was an option. But what would have happend then: eG There are literally 1000+ theories on Aaron, but if they would have answered one ore more questions about Aaron, 999 theories would have been wrong. That makes a very small percentage of satisfied watchers. And this scenario would apply to all unanswered questions. And that would have made every LOST Fan angry, maybe not only because of the answers, but also because of the loss of mystery the series built over the last years.

So they decided to give not a single answer and make the FINALE mainly about explaining SLU and about The End of the On-Island-Story, which for sure makes everyone a little angry, but in the long run everyone will be happier. People like us will still make theories in twenty years about pregnancy issues, Walt or the statue. Including us.

Please don’t be too harsh on me, because i’d like to hold on to this idea, and it will make me recommend the series to other people… with the remark: Don’t expect too many answers.

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2 thoughts on “A Compromise

  1. you said “if they would have answered one ore more questions about Aaron, 999 theories would have been wrong. That makes a very small percentage of satisfied watchers.”
    Watchers are not satisfied only if their theories become true. They are satisfied when they notice there is an answer written by writers which connects the events in the story and makes the theorizing of fans meaningful.
    We did not “expect too many answers”, we just wanted to know “the connections” that binds the events happened during the show.
    I believe that you enjoyed the show during watching but you are satisfied.
    “Don’t expect too many answers.” hah, when you recommend the series to other people, please do not forget to tell them that…

  2. i see what u are saying and i agree to a certain point. in terms of aaron there is really no mystery. the physcic told claire she cant let someone else raise her child and all that garbage and so forth. if u remember echo when he went to see the physcic, he found out he was a fraud so that was that, aaron was not special. in terms of the others wanting claire and the baby and stuff it is just the island does not let females have children so the others wanted to find out why she was ble to…. the real question is why cant females have children???? aaron was not special. i see what u are saying though in terms of the questions. me personally i wanted more questions to talk about for the next five years…. sorry for the whole aaron thing i usually do not do that and i just bitched someone out earlier for trying to tell some other people this or that. sorry

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